Advice To Youth

Do not listen to the preacher
When he tells you, “bow and pray;”
Stand up straight, be your own master,
Proudly turn and walk away.

Do not listen to the teacher
When he says, “live for the group;”
Firm make your decision:
You’ll not give, or smile, or stoop.

Do not heed sarcastic adults
When they chide, “No heroes be;”
Judge them low and weak and narrow,
Think of human liberty.

Do not keep false friends beside you,
With their cuts and putting downs;
Do not let their laughs divide you
From sincerest thoughts profound.

Do not listen to your parents
If they castigate your mind;
Be you true to your own spirit,
To your self be loving kind.

Do not fear your independence;
Do not doubt your sovereign worth;
Life is yours, enjoy and spend it,
And become pure gold on earth.

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