Old, cold,
New, sold!
Old, tears,
New, cheers;
Old fails,
New sails;
Old dies,
New flies;
Old sinks,
New winks.
Old’s old,
New’s new.
Be you bold,
And new, too.
Strong, be strong;
Right, not wrong;
Sing new song
All day long!
Good, be good,
Don’t be bad;
Like you should,
Think, be glad!
Think, and act, and do
What you live to do;
Joy is now awake;
Live for your own sake!
Walk the talk you talk today,
Talk your walk and keep your way;
Never waver, never stop;
Only pause when you’re on top.
Pause, and look around, and see
Shining brows that wait for thee;
Wait, and wink, and flash the sign,
One more step and we are “Mine!”
Old, gasping, dies;
New, laughing, flies.
Old fades out,
New flames in;
Ban all doubt,
You can win!
Old sinks,
New winks,
Thinks, blinks,
And winks again for happy men!

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