Mon’, Mon’, Mon’! (a young woman’s work song)

Going up the hill, and it’s
Only twenty till;
Going up the hill with a
Will, will, will.

Never gonna stop till I
Get up to the top;
Marching ever up with a
Will, will, will!

Now I see the height with its
Ever burning light;
Always shining bright is the
Sign—-still, still.

Gotta get to work, and it’s
Only quarter of;
Gotta get to work that I
Love, love, love!

Now five minutes more, and few
Steps until the door,
Then I’m gonna punch in with a
Thrill, thrill, thrill!

Sitting down to work I will
Never never shirk;
Doing doing work with a
Proud, “I will!”

When the dawn has come, and my
Night-shift, it is done,
I will punch, then be greeting
Sun, sun, sun!

Strolling easy down, I will
Waltz into the town;
Strolling easy down with my
Mon’, mon’, mon’!

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