The Time Has Come

The time has come to tell the world
Objectivism is the only power
To bring real day for an endless hour;
Objectivism is the one philosophy
That makes real peace for the mind and body;
Objectivism is the one real practical moral truth
That leads to happiness beyond bare youth;
Objectivism is the one and only highest wisdom,
And is open to all who choose to think;
It’s not of darkness, not forbidden, not a secret,
But clean and clear, sharp-edged and bright,
A body of principles daring and light,
Energetic, inspioring, loving man’s fire,
Labelling “Certain” each selfish desire.

The time has come to tell the world
All other philosophies and religions
Are false and flawed and false again,
Beneath the dignity of common sense men,
Leftover rubbish of dastardly ages
When sly-eyed popes acted as sages,
When hag-like witch doctors envied a man
Who built a bridge that he had planned,
When frowning teachers of happy children
Taught them there were joys forbidden
And feelings to be rid of, pride chidden,
Initiative a thing for scorn,
Inventiveness better un-born,
And man on earth a malicious un-worth.
False and false, and false again!

The time has come to tell the world
Forgiveness there will never be
For all those who refuse to see
That their one life is all they’ve got,
And they had better make it good
For highest, happy selfish-hood,
Or lose to darkness that one light
Of universal, centered height—
The meaning of Important Place:
“I’m it’s spirit, I’m it’s face.”

The time has come to tell the world
Objectivism will bring them justice,
Whether they want it or not.
Reality is its motor, running hot!
You can’t OFF its ignition;
Reality is on a mission!

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1 Response to The Time Has Come

  1. Barbara Houk says:

    Again, thank you for the inspiration. I so enjoy your poetry. I have known that our USA has been in trouble since I was 8 years old. I have fully known I am mortal since I was 11 years old; however, I knew death meant we no longer (my sister) experienced a loved one’s company at 2 1/2 years old. I wanted to fix these problems. They cannot be fixed and worse yet we were betrayed before I was born.

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