(Here are the lyrics of a light, fun song I wrote several years ago.)

When I look and look and look
into your dark brown eyes
I see everything I’ve ev ev ever
wanted to see.
When I look and look and look
into your dark brown hair
I know I wawa wawa wawa wawa
want to be there!

I see your lips a-smilin’,
I hear you laughin’, talkin’,
I dream you’re by me walkin’
till the end of time;
And life was never never better,
Never never never never
never never better,
When-a when-a when-a
when I made you mine!

When I rock and tap and swing and jig
and waltz with you
I know the duty of the music
is the beauty of you.
When I turn and stop;
When I hold you tight,
Ti-ti ti-ti ti-ti ti tight!
I know I’m to-to to-to to-to to-to
Totally right!

I smell the wonder of you,
Feel all the hunger of you,
Know that the dream is easin’
into touch with time.
And life is ever-ready better,
Ever really truly-duly ever-ready better,
When-a when-a when-a
When I make you mine!

When I tou-tou tou-tou tou-tou
touch your beautiful body
I know-know know-know know-know know-know
know it ain’t shoddy;
And when I pu-pu pu-pu pu-pu
put my arms around you
I know I ca-ca ca-ca ca-ca ca-ca
can’t do without you!

You are everything to me
When you sing your love to me—-
La, la-la-la-la, la-la, love!

When I hear you hear you hear you hear you
hear you tell me
‘Bout the things you’re gonna do
and what you’re goin’ to be,
I can feel a certain pride of life
a-growin’ higher
For you and me and you and me
and our desire.

You are ev-er-y thing to me,
Heaven on earth, no mystery,
Meaning and promise and joy of dawn,
Carrying, lifting, yourself along,
Living the thoughts and the plans you make,
Turning not ever for anyone’s sake,
Stronger with life that is always “Yes,
I will do my very best”.

When you’ve gotten better pay
and yet another promotion
I know justice is the witness
of your self-devotion.
You’re not weak and you don’t
really throughly-deeply need me,
But you want me every minute
when you really want me.

You are everything to me
when you sing your love to me—–
La, la-la-la-la, la-la, love!
And that is why, oh it’s why, hey it’s why,
Man it’s why I love you—–
When I look and look and look
into your dark brown eyes!

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