Time’s Reward

Time, with stern and level eyes,
Waits the dying of evil lies,
Waits the breaking of evil hands,
Waits the sinking of evil lands.

Time waits; he does not fail
Noting joy in the far “Hail!”,
Seeing gold on faint flags spread,
And men striving, far from dead.

Yea, not dead are they, not lost,
Though through foul storm roughly tossed,
Sailing yet with pride unslain,
Hailing Time with mind’s last gain.

Time now smiles as hate flees back;
Daylight shines as envies slack;
Out of America’s soul
Heroes come, honest, whole.

Time cries with a mighty cry,
“Man’s pure ego does not die!
Reason’s body stands up high!
Rand and light, and right, and I!”

Out of centuries of fear,
Centuries of crossed out cheer,
Centuries of selfless vice,
Centuries of sacrifice,
Decades blind, years not free,
Days on days of agony,
Waking wasted, bent to fate,
Health and beauty torn by hate,
Genius blasted, damned to nought,
Man-less made by mystics wrought,
Flesh made dirty, joy a sin,
Sight a sickness, breath a curse,
Filthy man in universe;
Out of morals upside-down
Saviors rise, with Reason’s frown.

Savior heroes, giants, they,
Saving, ruling selves each day,
Sailing far to Time’s vast height,
There to live by Reason’s light.
Reason, Time, at last made one,
Made by man, the living sun—
Light of love by which we see
(Perfect for reality),
Choice of thinking man who acts
In accord with cold hard facts–
Facts of being, facts of life,
Facts of harmony, not strife—
Man creator, inventor, good,
Thinking, like a real man should,
Making worlds that make the grade,
Sacred worlds of new man-made.

Yea, the new, the brand new thing,
First in mind a brief light wing,
Fragile, vague, like morning mist,
Then a star, a sunbeam kissed;
Held as precious, firmed by thought,
Proved by logic,  NEW-Wrought!
Action new now runs to be,
Nature’s given forms more free—
Free to love the life of man,
Shapen by his loving hand.
New ideas tongue man’s speech,
Love of self is sweet to teach;
Moral man now strides new heights,
Justice sings of ego’s rights.

Yea, the new, it rises strong;
Time accepts, rejects old wrong;
Time, with baby’s bright new eyes,
Watches truth, with youth, arise.

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