Tiddliwink (revised)

My Tiddliwink does step the grass,
Does bat a wink at curls that pass.
Now Tiddliwink a-twirls around,
So happy in the world he’s found.

Then dances he (oh dancing light!)
And Twinkle sees him—what a sight!
Now Tiddliwink and Twinkledee
Are twirling, swirling, oh so free!

From blue to black eyes, black to blue,
They pass their dreamings, catch them, too!
So lost from sadness, hid from pain,
My Tiddli-Twinkle break the chain!

They tin cans kick, they stones let fly,
Whip/whisk on waters, skip so high!
Glad trees they climb a-top the ridge,
True-awed with trucks that leap the bridge!

Dear Tiddli now forgets his Twink,
For in his future he does drink;
And cares not Twinkle—she thinks, too;
Her tears of joy-sprays splash on through!

Strong Tiddliwink now swings to earth;
His Twink fall-follows, but’s not hurt.
Ah, Twinkle, lying out so fair,
Tiddli grows up man right there!

Glad birds ‘gin sing, glad winds take ease;
Glad sings the earth for loves like these!
Great Tiddli-Twinkle, matched with sun,
Have caught their meaning: light has won!

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