The March of Independence

We march along the street,
Our flags and banners high;
We praise the days of liberty
When bright was each man’s eye.

We sing the spirit bold
That fired every will
To fight the fight of liberty,
And it is going still.

For Independent mind
We raise a mighty cheer;
Our individual liberty,
It is a thing most dear!

For sacred right of life,
And property, its twin,
We praise the ways of liberty
To draw new seekers in.

There’s many who know not
The things were said and done,
When war for human liberty
Was written, fought, and won.

And many more are blind,
Bare truth will never see,
Who sacrifice their liberty
To false security.

But we, who are the few,
We march with shoulders proud ,
We praise the ways of liberty
And sing its songs aloud.

Our beating drums are strong,
Our cannons smoke and roar;
Our flag of Independence
Goes flying on before.

One letter does it bear,
In blazing stripe of gold—-
The “I” of human liberty
That we all grasp and hold.

We march beyond today
With fearless tongues and hands,
Until the “I” of liberty
In every thinker stands.

Upon the lanes of air,
Into computer’s page,
The birth of Independence—-
The “I”—will come of age.

Into our children’s schools
The books of light will shine,
Till many youths, in liberty,
Assert, “My life is mine.”

In business place and home
Free thinkers will prevail,
Till smiles of Independence
For everywhere set sail!

We marchers of the mind
Will follow guilt no more,
Our moral right of liberty
Is creed for rich and poor.

The church of altruism
We’ll scornfully pass by;
No sacrifice when liberty
Is leading with its “I”.

We march along the street,
We march across the town;
We’ll swell the self of liberty
Till altruism’s down!

Our roll of drums is strong,
Our fifes are sweet and bright,
Our minds of Independence
Give “I” its royal height.

We sing the spirit true
That will in time hold sway
Till Independent liberty
Is its own endless day!

Then right, and left, and right,
And right and left again,
Come all you sons of liberty
And join the march of men.

Straight on and on we go,
And no! we’ll never cease!
The “I”s of Independence
Inspire this Self-Increase!

Our rockets burst in air,
Our colored streamers spark;
The dawn of Independence
Wings I-time through the dark!

Now right, and left, and right,
And right and left again;
Come all you sons of liberty
And swell the ranks of men!

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