Fair whistling cars that fly along the street,
Are you not wonderful to see and hear?
And you long trains on-rolling underground,
Are you not pouring forth majestic sound?
So high above there, in the sky so clear,
You simple soaring jets slip on so fleet
I cannot hold a vision much more dear.
You make my hopeful pulses happ’ly pound
And lift me, steady, ready on my feet
To race into the future with a sight
That sees before it ever-rising ligh!

O cars and trucks, and trains and planes of man,
Inspiring me to be the best I can;
O motion fierce, O passion held in taut,
O fast machines that thinking labor wrought,
O spirit Seek, whose roots are focused minds,
O minds of life, whose lightning never blinds,
But opens in to hidden things it finds,
O wakened stuff of earth, O steel streams,
O flying leaves and branches of man’s dreams,
Rush on! up-flower, flourish, soar and drive,
The harvest of man’s fires to keep alive!

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