Praise to the Men of Oil

Praise to the men of oil
We fully give;
Praise for their loving toil
For fuel to live.

Drill they ever so deep
Below earth’s soil—
Action that does not sleep
For men of oil.

Downward into the sea
The heroes dive;
Steel bits below the sea,
To keep alive.

Into the mountains, too,
They drill and blast,
For blackest fountains true,
Out of the past.

Now, we have cars to run,
And how they go!
All for the great work done
To free the flow—

Flow of the blood of life
For our machines;
Life on ahead of strife
Of the commie greens.

Praise to the men of oil
Let good men give;
Drown out the greenies spoil,
That we may live.

Selfless the speech of green—
Don’t heed a word.
Stand you apart, well seen,
From that low herd.

Praise to the men of oil,
Now shout aloud!
Praise all their loving toil,
And be you proud!

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