O Soldiers Brave

O Soldiers brave, now passed away,
Who gave your all for freedom’s light,
We do remember you today,
That you stood tall and you were right.

You fought for freedom, fought for life,
The life you loved, your country, too;
And straight you battled into strife
And downed the enemy in front of you.

The bombs and bullets meant for you
You faced with courage, dug in tight,
While freedom’s soul put ice in you
To steady hands and line your site.

The storm of war swept wild around,
With you the lightning striking foes!
It shook the air with thund’rous sound
And echoed in your damning blows!

O Soldiers brave, who lived and died,
It was no sacrifice you made,
But loyal acts of living pride,
That freedom should not cease or fade.

Let we here now be loyal, too,
And ne’er forget our natural rights,
And be more strong because of you,
And keep low evil in our sites.

O Soldiers brave, in honored grave,
We hail your spirits loud and long.
Bright banners ripple free and wave,
American voices proud in song!

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