Never Allow Defeat

Stand for your rights,
Speak for your rights;
Never allow defeat of your rights.

All who stand,
All who speak,
Show the government they’re not weak.

“Life is mine; I’m the owner.
Now the reaper, up from sower.
Government that takes is wrong—
That’s the cannon of my song.

“America, land of the free,
Dictators aren’t your destiny.
Liars must be voted out;
Fascist bastards booted out!

“Turn this country ’round again,
Mirror pride of working men.
Land of profit, land of truth,
Land of future for our youth!”

Stand for your rights,
Speak for your rights,
Never allow defeat of your rights.

Right to life is number one,
Keeping what you’ve made and done;
Keeping your own property,
Using it in liberty.

Failure is right number two;
Falling, rising—up to you.
No one has the right to force
Help of others. No, for shame!

Education’s number three,
For thinking, learning, PRIVATELY.
Government is not a school;
Forcing taxes fuels but fools.

Healthy body, number four;
Pay your doc if you want more.
Government, get out of health;
We’ll insure with our wise wealth.

Healthy earth? There’s no such thing.
Earth is here for man-handling.
Viros are the soul of vice,
Sick’ning slimes of sacrifice.

Protection, that is number five.
Government, you THERE must thrive!
Only reason that you be—

Down with tyranny!
Up with liberty!
Government less
Is happiness!

Stand for your rights!
Speak for your rights!
Never allow defeat of your rights!

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