More Limericks

They tried to get Rush, to subdue him,
But he would not subdue.
He foisted their poison upon them
And practised justice true.

Osama bin Laden is hiding,
Afraid of the world is he.
If only a bomb would guide him
Out of his misery.

When men have truth and reason
They do not turn to treason,
Unless they’re rationalistic
And feelings go ballistic.

To complain of higher prices
Is one of bad men’s vices.
Good men know the price is true
Whenever they free trade pursue.

Socialists, nihilists, enviros,
Civilization hate.
When civilization hates them—
Oh when?! Truth, do not be late!

There’s no such thing as “dead end job”
When competence is your goal.
Self-discipline instilled in you
Will profit much your soul.

And when the opportunities
For better jobs arise,
Ready you’ll be for climbing, then,
That ladder to the skies.


Six, six, six—the glowing mark of the beast,
And he who has it knows joy increased.
His mind is filled with the light of life,
His arms encircle a gorgeous wife;
He’s broke from night, through pride released!

One, two, three, the pens are on their way;
Pick them up and write—-whatever you would say.
Let the letters flow (the river True, you know)
Into the bay, all the way, the sea of You to show!

Five minus four is me;
Ten minus eight is us.
I’d multiply,
But my, oh my,
We’d be too glorious!

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