Mine is the breath that I breathe, not thine;
Mine is the heart of me beating, not yours;
Mine are the eyes of my seeing
And mine are the thoughts that I think;
Mine is the voice of me speaking,
I rise and I do not sink.

I stand with pride on these feet that are mine;
I work with pride for the check that is mine;
I spend and I save all this money that’s mine
To joy in my self all the wealth that’s mine,
For this is my life, it is wholly mine,
I rise, and I do not kneel!

Mine is the moral good I am, not thine,

Mine is my beautiful virtue, not yours;

Mine is the hero inside me

And mine are my life-loving needs

Mine is the voice in me singing,

“Hooray for my selfish deeds!”


I stand with justice proclaiming what’s mine;
I stand with justice and fight for what’s mine;
I fight and fight for my independent right
To keep the worldly values that are mine,
For this is my life, it is only mine,
And I rise and I never kneel!


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