I Am Extreme!

Extreme seeker of truth,
Extreme lover of right,
Extreme master of action
Against those who hate light,

Extreme is my spirit,
The core of my mind,
And those who would smear it
Are evil-designed.

The halting fool, who nods and bows
When someone disapproves his vows,
He’s but a bar to his own dream,
A loser of no self-esteem.

But he who speaks with prouder voice
At every bang of evil’s noise,
Will see the rats all run away
When he the hero ‘s here to stay.

Extremists stand, they do not fly;
They live to live, and not to die.
Extreme for good—it is not bad.
Extreme forever! is not mad.

Extremely sane can have no fault;
Look at Ayn Rand and her John Galt.
“Extreme in love”—be that my creed;
Love my own life—my extreme deed!

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