For Love

For love of life we strongly rise
And sing the light that’s in our eyes:
The towers of our town so fair,
That lift our souls and keep them there,
Where, keen in thought, with joy made great,
We grasp, we handle, master fate,
And looking on with fearless eyes,
We toss a map across the skies,
Where steeds of fire follow fast
And carry man-gods right on past
With glowing dreams that strive and drive
To keep heroic life alive,
That it may never drag or slow,
But swift as light just flow and go
(And unexhausted, breathless quite,
As arms take all with laughing might),
Till gallant we, exalted, free,
Own everything our eyes do see,
Pure innocense reversing curse
And gifting us the universe!
For height of life we rightly rise
And sing the love that’s in our eyes.

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