For Individual Rights

Come all you worthy women, men,
Come Party Tea today;
The Rights of Individuals
Must up and have their say.

America began with rights,
With rights it shall prevail;
Lift every selfish, sovereign voice
And give to rights a “Hail!”

For without right to your own life
You’re nothing but a slave;
Then fight for life and property,
And be you strong and brave.

There’s communists about us here
Who’d cut our country low;
Then speak your minds, you Patriots,
And tell them where to go!

And vote out politicians
Who lean themselves to left,
And vote in men of honor
Who aren’t of self bereft.

Yes, selfish men we’re needing
Who live for their own rights,
Who don’t intend to bleed us
Or bring us lightless nights.

The men who love the thinking
Of individuals true,
Who’ll fight the fight of freedom
For them, and me, and you—

To keep the wage they worked for,
To spend on those they love,
To know that their own government
Holds nothing else above—

That every man is captain
Who steers his gains by trade,
Where every honest action
Reflects a choice self-made.

To live with truth in living,
Proud reason as our guide,
With Party Tea conviction
We’ll raise the countryside!

Then rise, you thinkers, doers,
For Individual Rights;
America, climb once again
The sane, majestic heights!

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