Earth Day

It is Earth Day today.
Let us celebrate.

There are rocks for smashing,
Trees for crashing,
Buckets of dirt to be sifted;
Fields for sowing,
Weeding and hoeing,
Oil to be pumped and lifted.

Our river—let’s dam it,
Or fish it or span it.
Its ripples are winking
To get us to act.

And the mountains,
They wait—“Wait!”—
For the men who are great,
Urging their working exact!

All the purposeless dust,
All the forests so lost,
All the wandering waves of the sea,
All the creeeks and the hollows,
All the hills and the shallows,
All the flowers and pebbles and sand—
They are waiting a powerful hand
To tell them just what they’re to be!

A hand that will take them,
And measure and shake them,
And make something totally new—
A first, an ideal,
A vision made real,
A symbol of sumptuous thought,
A selfish invention,
A sovereign creation,
The practical aim of—“I ought”.

All the microbes of earth,
All the atoms of earth,
They’ve been waiting the logical mind,
To be seen, to be known,
To be thoughtfully thrown,
To find them new duties assigned!

It is Earth day today.
Let us celebrate.

We have rocks for slicing,
Trees for dicing,
Buckets of sand to be melted;
Hills to be heightened,
Built on and strengthened,
Apartments shot high to be rented!

Our cars of earth,
Our clothes of earth,
Our banks and stores and streets of earth,
Our bags of earth,
Our beams of earth,
Our planes and bridges, trains of earth—
All we’ve dreamed by using brain,
All we’ve got by muscles’ strain,
All we’ve won through grit and dares—
These are ours and we are theirs!

Our books, our films, our music,
These, too, are earth made new;
The statues of our heroes
Raise earth to grandest view.
Houses, towns and cities,
Industrial might of man,
Are earth indeed, stirred up to need—
I am, I think, I can!

Earth Day, Human Worth Day,
Happy Birthday, Race of Man!

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