A few verses for the day

What e’er you chose, be it not lose;
Keep up your chin and dare to win.

To love the morning is to find
There is no mourning in your mind.

If you would to your thoughts be good
Then act the act you think you should.

To dig and gouge and cut the earth
Is but one half of your self-worth;
To guide it with inventive plan
Will lift you to the height of man.

To men who toil for oil, let’s give them praise;
They feed our great machines and smooth our ways.

Let logic to your feet be guide
And you will walk in solo pride;
Let reason guide your dreams afar
And every star is where you are.

Competence demands your very best;
Every minute a sharp-eyed test!

Another dawn has come again
To see the sun of selfish men.

A tree’s for fire, or house, or table:
Nature’s gifts, to he who’s able.

Ole King Coal was a merry old soul,
A very merry old soul was he.
He called for a pick and a deep large hole,
And men of ability!

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