Will You Go Hugo?

Will you go Hugo a-marching with me?
Will you go Hugo way down to the sea?

Over the hills we’ll go into the sun
(Shining on flowers and kissing each one).

Into the wind we’ll go singing so fair,
Skipping a song through the bright summer air!

Under the bridge we’ll go hollering loud;
Hollering, hollering, hollering proud!

Down to the sand we’ll go, down to the shore,
Down where the waves are a lion a-roar!

Over the hills and on down to the sea,
Will you go Hugo a-marching with me?

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2 Responses to Will You Go Hugo?

  1. Elisabeth Casavant says:

    Exulting with the appreciation for the various ways nature enhances our lives, this poem has an engaging tone and a lively pace. Children would certainly respond eagerly to this enthusiastic invitation to the outdoors! A gem of a poem!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Elisabeth. This poem is also to be found in my book, “Up
    A Hill, Down A Hill.”

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