The Doorway Of “Be”

At the gateway of grace, when I glance at your face,
I can see, I can feel, I can sway—-
Peerless spirit free,
Palm to palm with me;
With lips aglow
And eyes that show
The might of ecstacy.

In the garden of “Found”, when I whirl you ’round,
I do curl, I do bend, I do send—–
Flowers hailing light,
Circling ’bout the night;
And while you draw
I stand in awe—-
There is no star so right.

At the doorway of “Be”, when you spin back to me,
I can say (I could sing, I could shout),
“Joy is mine, I know!
A door of light does grow!
I hold the key—-
It’s you and me;
We lead each other—-so!”

In the hallway of “Here”, when we’ve locked in the “Near”,
I do kiss, I do clasp, I do kiss—-
Gold and silver, free,
Breath to breath with me;
With eyes aglow
And arms that know
The rites of ecstasy!

When the music is past, and night doesn’t last,
They will turn, they will smile, they will rise,
Rise in you and I,
Starry gazes nigh;
We’ll step along
And sing this song—-
“Together you and I”.

We’ll step along
And sing this song—-
“Together you and I”.

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