My Universe

Sweet rising light of strength in star-bright eyes divining;
Glad thoughtfulness of deep-souled might that hails the far way shining;
Strong dower-heart of all men’s dreams that opens Love-Song’s flower;
Fair and free, as where no fear may be, so that all hope may tower;
Deep-burning flame of passionate love whose yearning none may doubt you;
Sure and pure, and beautiful more than all poor days about you;
Blessed of the sweet of life, sublime triumph o’er the seeds of strife,
Stainless face made painless save in dream-like bite of fame,
These are the lands I give thee: these arms, these hands, this body,
This wandering isle of I that seeks thy sands in the sky,
That bears thy brand on him flashing till the lair of thy lips lies nigh.

Ah! Near now thy voice are the joys of the stars departing,
Slain of the rain of the dawning, driving delightedly, riving
Black night with the bright white might of it, blinding the sky and sea,
Inviting brave spirits to bathe in a wave of it, there where the shades bade flee.

O Perfect Bird that heard Man’s heart’s first all-abiding word
Grow wings in him and sing glad Spring through him all days of Love’s mad ways;
O great Soul’s whole long unabating reign of storm-like song
Gone higher now than all live thought of god Life’s culminating fire,
Shot way beyond pain, sailing and sailing,
Scaling in rapture of fain lips flying, tasting the clouds!
Rhyme-stormed with harmony, beautified, sung, chimed into ecstacy shining
and young,
I am the note of thee, beaten and done, shadow and echo and sigh;
Thou art the symphonist, singer and heroine, and the power of earth on high.

Oh, what shall I do with you over the sun, over the moon and stars?
Die into dew, Love? rise into rain? or roam into surf and foam?
Mixed in the mist of a musical kiss, fixed in a fusion of visions of this,
Part of my heart goes charging to yours, and part of it slips,
Sliding along green meadows, sleeping near a peaceful-loving stream
Of fearless security, inwound with precious rings of purity
Wherein bare limbs of innocense twine around dim bliss,
To lift live lips for kissing-time and run up hymns of rhyme
Upon my conscience, cleansed of guilt and shame, showering through
All thoughts of mine new-shouting now with pride of being,
“I am the heart of fire! I am the soul of sun!
You are the first ‘My Universe’ and we are the Deed begun!”

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