My Own

Here from my waist, going sailing on for glowing flowing miles—
O beautiful waving gold, O giant Wheat,
My work of thought and hand and ringing dusty steel,
My ocean of sunlight under the blue sky,
O Wealthy Solitude, perfectioning of love,
My real world’s self, promised, fulfilled.

Yes, O Wind, now lightly
Flare out your melodies on these yellow fields,
Earth staff and I bar.
Stir and sway along in holy song of soil and you
And my great deed between.

O loyalest song I see,
Whirling away like a hymn from me,
I made you possible, and you fill me,
All around me, waltzing of sweet heads o’er,
Hearing the great plain floor—-
“Whispering wonder, glad to be under,
The world’s good, this lover of man.”

Now soon to burn in long hours of thinking,
In the planning of builders for up-towering towns.
Yes! and with grandest statues of heroic manhood,
Soon! O Wheat, soon!
And one a woman, looking up, proud, independent.

For rational ideas have been sown,
And very real people choose light,
And the glory of life is re-known,
And the wave of the world is bright.

O Song sailing at my waist,
Waiting my word of thought, my hand, my whirling machine,
My joy of triumph and my love of work,
O Life cresting at my waist,
My Own!

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