I, firm, I, solid, I,
I am touch and sight and thought.
The stars, the earth, the universe,
They know nothing.
Only I know things known.

I, flesh, I, blood, I, mortal, I,
I am invention, I am desire, I am joy.
Trees, clouds, waves, the wind—-
They are helpless.
Only I choose what I want;
Only I choose what I do.

I, lifting, I, standing, I, flying, I, ecstatic, I,
I am will, I am direction, I am closer, I am right.
Far islands, deep fountainheads, high vallies, galaxies, deeds,
They are something,
But only I know what they are,
And I’m myself, I am solid, I’m an entity.
This I am the moment I first separately began;
This I am every moment: sovereign, moral, rational—–man.

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