(Here is a poem for the very very young)

Swing a little,
Sway a little,
Swing a little way;
Aren’t we so glad to be swinging today?

Talk a bit,
Laugh a bit,
Talk a bit more;
Or be like a lion, and let out a roar!

Slide a way,
Glide a way,
Slide a way down;
Then bumpity bumpity over the ground.

Sing to be,
Sing to be,
Sing to be heard;
Or chirp and acheep like a blue baby bird.

Run a bit,
Skip a bit,
Run a bit fast;
Catch us a butterfly flittering past.

Walk a while,
Walk a while,
Walk a while slow;
Watch how the flowers all quietly grow.

Sit away,
Lie away,
Sleep away long;
When we awaken we’ll sing a new song.

Dream away,
Lift away,
Over the moon;
Searching the starlight and finding a tune.

There it is!
There it is!
Speeding on by!
Humming with joy in the summery sky!

Mmm, and Mmm,
And mmmm it goes,
With shiniest wings and silvery clothes.

It mmms over land,
And mmms over sea;
It mm mm mm mmms
For you and for me.

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