A Man

They fed him the word of God,
“To make you good”, they said.
But he spat it back at them
And their ears were a lovely red.

They shouted the word of God,
“To lead you true!” they said.
But he only smiled, then sang,
“I walk alone till I’m dead.”

And he walked alone through time,
And he rode alone through space,
And the light of a godless rhyme
Shone as the sun on his face.

“From star to star I stride,
From God’s to Manhood’s height.
Strange worlds on either side
Touch me with a wondering light.

“I wave them a happy hand,
And they sing back with glee,
‘He’s Man, he’s in command,
He sets his great soul free!’

“I mount with my ship the sky;
I go where I think I can.
I’ll follow my mind till I die,
Beginning to end a man!”

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