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They Go!

Two, as one, they go, Walking in the shadowed rain. The grass softens, The long green branches reach. Thick as raindrops fall Kisses fall, and fall again. Hands grow heavy, Pulses bound; And Oh, the heavenly motion, And Oh, the … Continue reading

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The Time Has Come

The time has come to tell the world Objectivism is the only power To bring real day for an endless hour; Objectivism is the one philosophy That makes real peace for the mind and body; Objectivism is the one real … Continue reading

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The Whole Selfish World

You living your life, that’s wrong. My living my life, that’s wrong, too. I should live your life, You should live mine; Just be some one other— Your sister, your brother— And all will be fine. God will be happy, … Continue reading

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Good Dad

Stand up, stand up in virtue; Good Dad, be glorified. O naked face self-nurtured, O piercing eyes of pride!

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Girl at the Window

Sky black, stars bright; I stare back at window glass, Right through me light, And pass.

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A darkened room, But not of gloom; My sun is happ’ly sitting. She looks my way, As if to say, “Some lovelight would be fitting.” And then a move (As if to prove The very thought I’m guessing); She rises … Continue reading

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Prince Cockroach

A prince or a cockroach, Which is Obama? Just watch him scuttle, Then judge this drama. Scuttles through leaves of Red manifestos, Scuttles through dung of leftover leftos, Scuttles with moslems in big white house, Showing the world the soul … Continue reading

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