On Monday, the 21st, Daily News readers were greeted with the big bold headline: NEW BRIDGE HALF DONE! A large colored picture stood below, showing the magnificent curving arch of steel jutting out over a gleaming, barge-filled river. On either side of the picture were interviews with the bridge’s designer and its proud workmen.

On Tuesday, the lead story concerned a young businesswoman who had worked her way up the ladder of achievement and was now the owner of a chain of popular restaurants.

On Wednesday, the Daily News readers were hailed with a confetti-shot of brief stories about several Romantic/Realist sculptors and painters, whose works were being displayed in the major art galleries around town.

On Thursday, a high-praising review of Wednesday night’s opening of the brand new operetta, Life Of A Salesman, adorned the right half of the front page, while on the left appeared several columns concerning the qualifications of three teachers hoping to be hired by the local Grammar School of Reason.

Friday’s headline was not so directly positive: MURDERER HUNG. The only murder case of the year was quickly dispatched with. The competent detectives had rounded up the chief suspect within a week of the evil deed, the trial was over a week later, and two days after that justice was done.

Yesterday, pictures told their own story: pictures of new inventions and new products and, of course, there were many clear-written factual paragraphs describing the functions and uses of these new and delightful things.

Today, Sunday, is a day of praise, criticism, observation and argumentation from columnists and readers; a veritable feast of rational judgment and persuasion fills up the pages of the Daily News.

Ah, what a grand week this has been, and yet, really just a week like any other. The near-forgotten expression comes to mind—“Can there be too much of a good thing?” or, “Will this get old?” Ha ha! Oh yes, then there was, “Same old, same old.” Ha! Ha! Ha! Hey! what a headline for tomorrow: GLOOM—THE SAME NEW DAYS ARE JUST AHEAD!

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