Independent in the morning,
Independent at your rising,
Independent when you look around and see—

For yourself and your own thinking,
For the facts that you’ll be linking
Into action that will get you mastery—

O’er your independent progress,
O’er your independent climbing,
O’er your independent striving for the height—

Of your life that’s independent,
Of your joy so independent,
Of your mind in independence, proud and free!—

That, that is your meaning;
That, that is your glory,
That grand and single self that does not bow,

But with gladdest independence,
But with laughing independence,
But with standing independence stands up now!

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2 Responses to Independence

  1. Opus Dei says:

    Now this has taught me yet another way the words can flow! Such creativity…I know it’ll flow on and on…Brilliant 🙂

  2. Yes, more fun, more flow! Thanks.

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