Take Your Pick

He wore black bathing trunks with a white stripe down each side. He was young, tall, hard and bronzed. His hair was crow black, his eyes an intense blue, his nose sharp, his cheekbones prominent, and he was smiling radiantly. His shoulders were weightless and there was lighthearted joy in his casual stride.

She wore a white bikini. Her shoulder-length blue-black hair flowed straight down to a slight curl. Her black eyes were set beneath wide black eyebrows and her long, slightly rounded face held a perfect nose and a firm wide mouth. The dark brown warmth of her arms and shoulders, belly and thighs, and the easy swell of her breasts, had captured the sun, magnified it, glorified it, brought it to earth and raised it up.

They walked hand in hand, barefooted on the thick green grass, looking ahead, he lightly laughing, she deeply smiling. The green path they walked on was five feet wide. On either side of it ten-foot wide beds of white petunias flowed along for a hundred yards up to the entrance to the outdoor theater. As they got nearer they could hear a multitude of cheerful voices talking and laughing, but these were suddenly overwhelmed by the horns and strings of a band playing “The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze”. The young man and woman looked at each other warmly and excitedly. Then they reached the entrance, where between two larger-than-life statues of a thoughtfully proud man and woman, they stood and looked down into the amphi-theater. He stole a look up to see the two-inch pipe that shot out high over the audience, ending in what looked like a sprinkler head. He had ordered it, unknown to anyone else. Spread festively out below them were the faces of friends and family and even total strangers.

They saw the vibrant multi-colored sports shirts, the reds, blues and greens of the men, the bright yellow and white summer dresses of the women. They stood there almost naked and saw the happy uplifted faces and the hands clapping, heard the applause and the “bravos”, and then they walked down the center row of steps between the cheering crowd and up onto the stage.

They turned and faced the band and the audience. A silver-haired gentleman with a youthful smile, well-groomed and wearing a tuxedo, stepped up on the stage with them, shook hands with the young man and kissed the young woman. He stood between them and turned and addressed the audience. “Dearly beloved friends and lovers of selfish human love, we are gathered here to celebrate the union in marriage of Greg Santorini and Mary West.” There was a huge round of applause and many cheers. When it subsided, the blue-eyed old man smiled brilliantly and began again.

“Greg, do you vow to selfishly love Mary with your entire body, spirit, mind and money, with your creative energy and your exhaustless love of life?”

Greg answered, “I, Greg Santorini, I do vow this.”

“Mary, do you vow to worship Greg with your holy earthly flesh and the whole great passionate reason of your choosing, valuing mind?”

And Mary answered, “I, Mary West, this I do vow.”

“Then, by the power granted to me by you, Greg, and by you, Mary, I pronounce you man and wife. You may proceed with the one minute kiss.”

Greg and Mary turned to each other, closed, and melted into each other, arms and hands around sun-drenched bodies, mouth on mouth, oblivious of the cheerful crowd, which respectfully maintained that minute of silence. All eyes gazed upon the two united lovers with beaming and thoughtful admiration.

When the minute was up the band started playing Greg’s favorite song, “Singing In The Rain”. All of a sudden a loud “Pop!” was heard and the overhead sprinkler burst into life! Man-made rain sprinkled lightly over the whole crowd, on the musicians, and on Greg and Mary, and soon they were all laughing and literally singing in the rain. Then the loud, chopping sound of a helicopter was heard, and indeed, there it was, painted gold, hovering over the theater and lowering a big white strap-in seat. Greg and Mary niftly seated themselves and the helicopter rose up into the sun and took off for unknown places.

Well, that’s how they did marriage one day in the year———-take your pick.

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