The Happy Poet

(Here’s one for an energetic 8 year old boy I knew who was starting to write his own poems.)

I bend down low to tie my shoe.
I jump straight up to the sky so blue.
I lift my arms and pretend to fly.
I soar up over the clouds so high.

I return to earth with a big loud Splash!
Out in the pool I’m taking a bath.
I dive like a whale, grind teeth like a shark,
And then dog-paddle with a friendly bark.

I stand up tall to say my poem.
My mother’s listening, working at home.
My father’s friends clap him on the back,
“It’s a real fine thing to have a son like that.

“For strong the spirit and strong the brain
That can each day a poem attain.
The moon may pale and the sun fall down,
But all is bright when a poet’s around.”

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