Scuffling Along

I was strolling all around
On a downtown street,
Halfway listening to the sound
Of the people’s feet.

A tip tip-tap here,
A clip clip-clop there,
A tip tip-tap clip-clop

Then a scuffle through some leaves,
Feather-scuffling, full of ease,
And a smiling, full-lipped mouth
High o’er the shoes.

Up into the sunny skies
She had set her laughing eyes
And she didn’t seem to have
A single care.

Then the clip-clops ceased to be,
Or at least, inside of me,
As I fixed on her a mighty
Spell-bound stare.

Then I found me in her wake
(It was surely no mistake),
For I followed that gay leaf-flag
In her hair.

It was just a week ago
That I strolled a-listening, oh,
And what a glorious seven days
Have passed!

Now I scuffle in my ease
With my scuffler of the leaves,
Two gold rings around our fingers
Tightly cast!

Oh, you tip-taps here,
And you clip-clops there,
Oh, you tip-tap clip-clops

I do love you for your sound,
For the girl you brought around,
For the town and street and loving
You make fair!

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