Here’s the story of the war in Iraq:
We could have dropped a mighty bomb
And not have lost one fighting man, not one.

But instead, we fill up needs in Iraq,
Build up a place where savages
Can freely vote with little bombs, boom boom.

How gloriously noble are we (to our shame!)
For creating freedom selflessly (just a name!)
Instead of wiping the bastards out in a day,
And joyfully marching upon our selfish way.

“Die! Die! Die!”—-it is the altruistic wail.
A chance to die for others,
And if you live you fail, each one.

No self-centeredness allowed,
Don’t be better, don’t be proud;
Go lose your life for strangers, boom boom.

Now, if you die, or nearly do,
Iraqifice is famed for you—
Name, rank and serial number written down.

And “For us he paid the highest price;
He was really really really nice;
We’ll wish a prayer for him all over town”.

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