Dawn (2005)

I lie and worship at the shrine
Of every feature, every line,
Held by my mouth and hands.

Of sacred love for two
I’m on the pedestal with you,
Above the windless sands.

Beyond all things that be,
From lightening sky to sea,
Is your cupped length under me.

Your turning hips and thighs,
Your closing lips—all of me defies;
This through your taking eyes I see.

Now with your grasp of light,
That is my mast’ry’s might,
I claim my life’s desire:

To be an only selfish thing
Possessing one possessing thing
In passion’s ramping fire.


Light dawn is almost done;
Bright day has now begun;
Ripe majesty of rapture rules the sky.

There is not more of worth
Upon this whole live earth
Than having you, my Love, in having I.

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