The Best

We are happy to be happy,
For we do the best we can;
We are rolling through the prairies
Bringing loads of goods to man.

He is hungry, he is thirsty,
He would like a roof above;
He wants apples, he wants music,
He wants diamonds for his love.

He wants more than we should carry,
But we bring it just the same,
For we hope to live in future
As a sign of human fame.

We struggle up a mountaintop,
“Push! Push! Grind the rail!
Hard now! Go as one! All you
Engines, drive! Don’t fail!

“See the rocks far down below us,
Grinning greedily for our fall?
Hear the thunder right above us,
Throwing scorn upon us all?

“We must drive a little harder,
We must strive until we win;
To do less would be dishonor,
To give up would be to sin.”

Over mountains, through the forests,
‘Cross the deserts cruel and dry,
We are rolling, we are rolling,
We are rolling-rolling by!

Oh, we’re happy to be happy,
For we do the best we can;
And we love our happy purpose—-
Bringing all his goods to man!

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