The Anti Anti-Valentine’s Valentine (2005)


For one who loves not Valentine’s
I break my bow in half,
Nor shoot an arrow from Love’s heart
If she but mock and laugh.

I’ll not be Cupid, no, not I,
For one whose sweet glance chills;
I’d rather look at frozen sky
Or die upon thorny hills.

For one who loves not Valentine’s
All teddy bears I toss;
And I shall only catch a kiss
If it’s shiny chocolate gloss.

I shall not waste, no no, not I,
A whole day’s pay on roses
For she who only counts this day
A thing of feints and poses.

And yet, when all is said and done,
And Valentine’s is past,
At night I’ll string a dreamy bow
And pierce her heart at last.

But no! It’s not enough!
This airy nothing stuff.
It spin cannot the key
To engine her and me.

In place of charm,
A hand on arm,
A grasp, a pulling in!

Four lips that surge
To urge a merge,
More profiting to win!

We’ll double be
Insidership divine!

Assert the real,
Consume the deal,
And buy up Valentine!

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