High Midas Day (2004)

(This poem was written when I was thinking about changing the name of Christmas. Perhaps it will one day help celebrate a brand new holiday.)

High Midas Day is on its way,
High Midas Day is near;
With aim of gold, things bought and sold,
For target Joy we steer.

Hard faces bright, shrewd eyes alight,
We shoppers scour the mall.
A mound to make for this year’s take
We’ll find, and rake in all.

To sate desire of Man—The Buyer,
Proud shops and markets stand.
Who trade would win may enter in
And gaze on all things grand.

With wages won for work well done
We step, we look, we find—
“O Perfect Prize, O Light of Eyes,
O mirrored Aim of Mind!”

Our piles of dough, we love them so—
The jingling, crinkling bliss;
But goods held tight in owner’s right
Is like a Midas kiss.

And so we say on Midas Day
“Our gift of life is bought;
We made our dough, we traded, oh!
And bull’s eye Joy is caught!”

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