Winter’s Gone

Your kisses fell like rain on me
(Oh gentle storm, oh ecstasy!),
And I embraced and held you fast
To make our Winter last.

Yet ’twasn’t Winter, no, ’twas May
(Oh stormy May, oh wintry May!),
And oh the snowing, oh the blast!
Your kissings sweet amassed!

But now the sky’s an awful blue,
And not one cloud re-hails my view.
I’d back turn time if I knew how,
And June make Winter, always, now!

And yet, if I have just one gain—-
A mist of e-mail in place of rain—-
I’ll tell my fingers, “Type all this:
My soul’s whole year is one Fall kiss.”

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2 Responses to Winter’s Gone

  1. Opus Dei says:

    Love for one season…Love for all seasons! I love the contrast in this: Oh stormy May, oh wintry May!

  2. Yes, it was a joy to write.

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