The Star (2003)

The things in life you want
Some say “you can’t”;
But Me, Myself, and I,
We know I can.

We don’t give in
To scorn, sarcasm, fears,
But go right on
As one Three Musketeers.

Thoughts, Ideas, Dreams,
We’re everywhere;
We spark and flash—we stream!
A joyous Dare!

With chin in hand
We view the future, far,
Then take command
To grasp that giant star.

I, Me, Myself,
Straight on up we go,
Courage our real wealth,
Challenge—all we know.

The way is long,
Rugged, hard and high,
But we—the strong—
All mounting odds defy.

It’s “Up” against the men
Who’d try to chide us down;
“Up!” again and again
Upon each hoot and frown.

They think they’re kingly wise
Who tell us “don’t explore”,
But their fake real-dom sways
While they shake at the door.

“You haven’t got much chance”,
They say—-they, who stand and stare,
And never walk or dance
Alone in open space and air.

“And you are selfish, too,”
They say—-they, who never want
What they desire all through
‘Cause someone else says “can’t”.

But Me, Myself, and I,
I Want what I do desire;
Just like the eagle, high,
I am a solo flyer.

For me, the tempting new,
Rare vision barely seen,
Waiting my footsteps true
Pressing the gold-fringed scene.

There, all calm and still,
O’er sneering winds of “No”,
I’ll sing what e’er I will,
The star of my own show.

And then that loud live light,
That joy I felt at birth,
Will flood me with such might
I’ll drink my own self-worth.

For what seemed awfully far
Was always here, inside—-
That strange heroic star,
The fearless face of pride.

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