I Love (2003)

I love the green leaves a-dance in the air;
I love to see sunlight catch women’s hair;
I love the big trains roaring to town;
I love the tall towers spiring around.

I love the bright-faced shops with winking jewels displayed;
I love the factories stacking, proud of what they’ve made;
I love the city lights, the glass-cubed nights,
……….the dreams unsleeping that out-race the dawn;
I love my babe’s first step, my boy’s first job,
……….my girl of science thinking on and on;
I love good work, I love my life, I love this earth.

I love the clouds changing, gathering, blackening to storm;
I love the multitudes of thunder blasting deep, in form.
I love the daisies, dandelions, roses, silv’ry now with rain;
I love the fresh sweet smell of life when sunshafts shoot again.

I love the streets, lawns, fields and parks
Where children leap and wing—-“Push, swing higher! Toe a leaf!”
I love the screams of wild delight—-“Swing higher! See!”–that know no grief.
I love the hands that shape some clay into a laughing maze;
I love the mind that has its way—-creative pride ablaze;
I love the singer singing sweeter, longer,
……….the song’s words making hearts beat stronger;
I love the rugged tales of heroes undefeated
……….who battle on till everything’s completed;
I love the peace at night in a quiet space;
I love the eyes of cheer in my mirror’s face;
I love hard work, I love my life, I love this earth.

I love the trucks and cars, sputt-utt-purring in the morn;
I love the sparrows cheeping as if they’d just been born;
I love the ice in winter lying on the wires,
And the wires’ strength that hardly ever tires;
I love the tree that stands alone, needing but dirt and sky;
I love the person who stands alone, who needs no others by;
I love the righteous will that does what it must do;
I love the self that chooses, and to itself is true;
I love my self, I love my flesh, I love this earth.

I love my competence, my striving to do better;
I love to think my best, speaking, writing song, poem or letter.
I love rewards for my good work; I love money, silver, gold;
I love the crinkle, jingle, clink for all I’ve bought and sold.

I love walking down the street, running up a hill,
……….tumbling on the grass, lying on the earth, breathing it in;
I love the feel of joy in thighs and chest and chin.
I love the truth, Im love the beautiful, I love reality;
I love logic, I love sight, I love love.
I love and I love and I love.

I love the child who wakes up singing;
Though shouts of “Quiet!” try to make him wrong,
He proudly leaves the house and fills the sky with song.
I love the girl who’s judged just what she wants—–
No matter what the price, it is like gold,
Because her thinking makes it worth her hold.
I love the young man cashing his first check—-
He knows he earned it, feels himself supreme,
And trust himself to realize every dream.
I love the man, the man who knows his worth;
His thoughts, his feelings, actions, all—-his own;
All confidence, competence, efffort, gain, are in his mirror shown.

I love machines; each activating part
Precisely put together, like a heart
In smoothly-working perfect health
That beats and clicks and beats for wealth—-
Wealth of power, speed and youth,
Accomplishing the highest truth,
The truth that’s in the wheel sped—-
Invention is man’s fountainhead.

I love this pen that’s in my hand;
I love this paper marked with ink;
I love the things I understand,
I love the thoughts I love to think.
I love the sky, I love myself, I love this earth;
I love and I love and I love.

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