Belizian Girl (2002)

“Oh, Alice has an honest heart
And a mind that loves the true.
She thinks and acts and does her part
To make each morning new.”

And who is that Belizian girl
Who stands between the palms?
Who looks across the happy waves
And wonders what goes on.

Will she come to America
And leave Orange Walk behind?
What will the toucans and macaws say
When Alice they do not find?

“O land of the free by the Carib Sea”
The hummingbirds sweet will hum;
“Our Alice will see what she will see
And do what must be done.”

From Belize City, this Alice, so pretty,
Flew over the water so glad;
Old Philadelphia, earth’s freedom city,
Shall never again be sad.

The people cheer, dance down each street,
They sing for joy all night,
“With Alice here our town’s complete
And Life’s new dawn is bright!”

For Alice has an honest face
And a mind that loves the true,
And she will think what she will think
And do what she will do.

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