Awake (1992)

Strong heavy trucks roll up the street
And I roll, too; I rise, I do;
I stand up on my own two feet.
I see the rolling might of dawn
Keep going going on and on,
And glad am I to be awake
To hear the city come to life.

Planning my day, I think of a way
To do my work much faster, better, richer,
And I come to the true and know what to do,
And off I’m gone to break into dawn,
Down to subway, up through town,
First elevator rising, rising, rising,

I walk to my door and open it wide,
Streams in the sun to work at my side,
Far o’er the world I see everything
Glowing, showing, awakening,
And each wide way is open and free,
Shining with joy to be.

Now focus in, get to your task,
There’s very very much to do.
Make that call, that question ask,
Tell them it is up to you.

Sell the goods just like you should
For profit, profit, profit;
Then buy the best and re-invest,
They’re coming even more to you!

Then write, report, regard every word,
Communicate right context, purpose, meaning!
Right from the start and clear to the end
Say what you want and then never bend.
Wrong implications, they’ll never do;
Master of Logic—-that must be you.
Sign that report and send it away—-
Gold in your pocket, today!

Stand up, I do; I stand, I do.
I’m at the top, the very best.
Whistle, too; I whistle, too,
Give myself a music rest.

Sold the goods just like I should
For profit, profit, profit!
Now the men who want the best
Are coming even more to me!

Gaze out my window, see what is mine,
Mine in the spirit, standing in line.
Stone had a Master, steel had a Will,
Struck them together, handles them still;
Gave them a purpose, drove them on high,
Filled them with meaning—-“Mine is the sky;
Rise up to me, I’m sure that you can;
Climb, and you’ll be a man.”

Now focus in, get to your task,
There’s much, much, much to do!
Make that call, that question ask,
Tell them it is up to you!

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2 Responses to Awake (1992)

  1. Opus Dei says:

    It fills you up with adrenaline! On your mark, Get, Set, Go! A LIFEly piece!

  2. Yes! I wrote it as a song after reading Dr. Peikoff’s OPAR. I sing it to Beethoven’s Turkish March.

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