Old Song

(Here’s one I wrote years ago after walking all day through the farmland of southwestern Illinois. I was sitting in a small country graveyard, leaning back against an old gray tombstone. I had a quart of milk and some chocolate chip cookies from a small local store, and I wanted to capture the one sound that had been with me all day. Unfortunately, the “your heart” here was completely imaginary.:)

No bells but cowbells
Clang in the glen;
Birdsong and maid-song
Sing without end.

Sunlight and dew-light
Quiver and shine;
No heart but your heart
Beats into mine.

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2 Responses to Old Song

  1. Opus Dei says:

    This is so sweet! What vicarious joy – as the chocolate chip cookie melts into my mouth.
    “No heart but your heart
    Beats into mine.” — Lovely!

  2. Thank you, Opus. This is one of my personal favorites—so simple, so true.

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