No One

I am the fairy that leaps on the lawn;
I leap in the moon till the moon be gone.
I go in the glow at a pretty pace;
The dew o’ the grass be a mirror-face.

My limbs are alight and my body sings;
My hands are as fleet as a sparrow’s wings.
I’m here, now there, I cannot be caught!
If any be faster his name be nought.
But lighter and quicker, a flicker—–me!
And what is “I am” is never to see.

I step in the night when the good folk sleep;
The wings of a leap be the dreams they keep.
I trip to the “fa-la” that no one hears;
They waken, and oo! the dew-bright tears!
“Fa-la”, “fa-la”, and “fa-la” again;
Follow me, “fa-la”, wakening men!

Now hush! Now still! The night’s away!
In again, in again, night’s away!
But I flick so quick I never be here;
Dawn again, dawn again, no one is here!

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