“Death by stoning”—-the “fatal”, “dread” decree;
Rocked out of sleep, slung at Death’s Goliath eye,
I skipped upon the waters when you stoned me.

You’ve thrown me down a welling dream of hope;
I sing, and I pebble the universe with love.
The wonders of your eyes can will my soul to rise,
And down upon the rock I roll the slope.

You struck me with an open look;
You hid nothing, and pillared me;
The avalanche of your simplicity has crushed me sure.

Words? They were not words you spoke,
But lava-leaves hard’ning into steel,
Hot stinging little shards of freed desire.

From the blossoms of your lips
A merry sadness slips,
A crumbling rock that flies like sand away.

On the mountains of your breast
A planet lies at rest,
And I will travel Space not any more.

There are gardens in your sight
With heaps of apples, bright,
And earthly joys;

While in your voice I hear the choiring sea.
My hands gather eternity.

The tiniest granule now could lightly knock me down;
Some butterfly might lift me high away;
The weakest wind that blows my body slay.

“Free by stoning”—–the great new law we see.
Soaring high above,
Sculpted by the pure soft hand of love,
I touch the holy sky when you stone me.

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