Oh, My

Oh, my dear shopper,

Shop-shopping all day,

As if every shop

Was a banjo to play.

You walk down an aisle,

The goods do all smile—

The bottles and boxes

So glad you are there

To clink them together,

Or carry them off,

Like light, stormy weather

With a Santa Claus laugh!

Ho ho, hee hee,

They leap in your trolley!

Ha ha, hee hee!

Such fun is this shopping!

No, no, never stopping!

Till trolley is full

Of fruit beautiful!

Or with liver for Bingo,

Or fish for the men,

Until it is time

To go shopping again!

And yet, just for you,

To boil an egg so, so beautifully new!

Oh, my dear shopper,

Shop shopping all day!

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Do It Right!

Down deep in the mind and soul of Hong Kong

The light-center—Hero—is switching to On!

Oriental—not mainly; eastern—not all;

For the spirit of human surrounds this whole ball.

The spirit of freedom, free choice of free act,

With no loathsome tyrant, who goodness has lacked—-

This spirit is beauty, it gives only light;

To self—our one duty! Do! Do it right!

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Stand Like Shaq

Shaq is the nan

The man among boys.

Stands tall like a man,

Speaks truth in the void.

With Shaq our defense

We will not complain;

With Shaq the hero

We’re rising again!

Speak calm, speak true,

Stand straight, you American.

Stand—for me and you;

Shaq did it, you can!

Shaq, he is strong,

Strong for Hong Kong!

For freedom of men

Shaq’s winning again!

Alone, but one voice,

This man of light spoke

Against the foul tyranny,

The chain and the yoke.

Let us stand as he—-

Millions for Liberty!

Let us all, too, be proud—

Certain, unbowed!

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It Starts With One

One voice, it has spoken,

One young man has said,

“Me, I am living,

And I will be free.”

Voice two—hear it echo

With passion sublime,

“This earth is for living,

My thought is no crime!”

Voice three and voice four—

Man, woman, speak out,

“Truth is our leader,

Our souls have no doubt!”

Five, six and seven,

Young, older, too,

They pick up the chorus

And voice it a-new!

Men must be free!

Mind must be free!

Put down your tyranny,

Let us be free!”

And soon the whole city

For freedom does stand,

And soon the whole world

Puts “Free” in command!

And Joy strides up singing,

And Beauty stands tall,

And living, pure living,

Is master of all!

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I’ve penned you many a funny poem,

And made you laugh a bit.

But you are my true serious home,

Loved table where I sit.

I sit and see you next to me,

While beauty lights your face.

Good fortune will not let me be,

But whispers, “Here is grace.”

I know I’m blessed in loving you,

And my whole life is good.

If I must fly whole worlds for you,

I could, I should, I would!

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You, at break of day;

You, arising.

Through the dim-lit rooms you go;

You, moving.

Sun and earth and wind together,

You are my glad-changing weather.

You, climate-face of love—

Sometimes happy–rain of joy;

Sometimes sad– rain of sadness.

Stormy, calm, wild, serene,

And everything in between.

Always, ever, you.

You, at fall of night;

You, moving.

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Autumn comes, Summer goes,

Spinning up and down the drive

In old, fresh-painted clothes.

Trees fling naked gradually

As squirrels leap—surprise!

Gradually the temps decrease

To snowflakes in our eyes.

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