Half A Liar

Oh Lovey-Dove, my only love,
How far, how far, how far away
You seem to me to be!
Oh Lovey-Dove, my only love.

I know: some taps on keys,
Electric mysteries,
Then online me, online you—
I know all that is true.

But in my arms you are not yet,
Our kisses, tears, don’t mingle wet,
And I’m still lonely as can be
For my dear Lovey-Dovey!

Patience, patience, you will say,
And I say, “That is right.”
Patient, patient arms all day
That yearn to hold you tight!

And yet, Love-dove, it may be true,
That you love half a liar,
For though my feet walk not toward you,
My hands are burning fire!

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I, King

The Queen of Kuala Lumpur
Is the only queen I adore.
She rules with an iron hand
And won’t let loneliness stand,
Encourages lovers to kiss,
To embrace, and be bubbling with bliss.
She orders her soldiers to bow
When a citizen passes them now;
Meanwhile, she seeks out a king,
A poet so poor, yet can sing
Of a love that is purer than sky,
Of a passion out-vying the sun,
Of a tenderness true that can’t die,
Of a heart that still beats when it’s done!
And she looks my way, and she sees
That I worship her down on my knees.
And she leaps on down to my side
Declaring that she is my bride!
Yes, that is how I became king;
Only lovers believe such a thing.

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My You!

Clarinda, my Lady, my darling, my dear,
My Lovey-dove angel, I wish you were here,
For I would be telling you rhymes of my heart—
To hear them you’d swoon, and your lips sigh apart.
And then I would catch you ere fell you to ground
And tell you I love you in soft tones profound.
Then you, in half playing, would wink me so sly,
Awaiting a kiss that would fall from on high.
And I, I would catch it with love-lips made true
For lovey-dove angel, my darling, my you!

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Nay; Solid Rock

Oh, do not tremble, sweet, and do not fear;
What we on Facebook are shall true appear.
We’ll be the who we seem, the what we say,
And nothing shall our loving wipe away.
There’s no erasure from the scroll of soul
When spoke, it has, from underneath the sea.
Far deeper has my love swoln up more whole
In telling its heart’s beatings beat for thee.
We will not flash n fizzle, gone, goodbye,
Nor pale become as ghosts of vanished force,
Nor flit like some sigh-passing butterfly
That fainter faints it on its phased-out course.
Nay; solid rock, like blocks of buildings grand,
Will bump and hold and bank us where we stand!

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How soon, how soon, to you I’ll soar,
And soon, so soon, the moon will roar,
And stars will sing and sprinkle joy
Over love and lover-boy!

How soon, how soon, I’ll downward streak
To clasp the you my heart does seek!
And winds will blow and clouds will run
To celebrate our love begun!

How soon will voice of Lover Day
Rejoice in lips of light to say,
“Now I have you and you have me,
And we so sooner happy be!”

How soon, how soon, to you I’ll soar,
And soon, so soon, the moon will roar,
And stars will sing and sprinkle joy
Over love and Lover-boy!

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I told you I loved you today.
Oh, it felt so good to say it.
I love to tell you I love you.
Why? Because I love you.
Am I too simple?
Should I be more complex?
I could say I lobe you
Or I could say I luggle you,
Or I loozlemoozle you,
But you would know what I meant.
Because I love you with every part of me, with everything I am.

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I was looking for not anything in particular and then, out of the blue, I found you!
Found—what a wonderful word, what a beautiful, word.
Think of it—-I, found, you.
You were found by me.
And, at the exact same time, I was found by you!
We found each other.
We could have found anything.
We could have found a ribbon
Or an odd-shaped rock,
Or a million dollars,
But no, you found me and I found you.
Believe it!
Accept it!
Love it!
We do.

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