Falling Star

You are the love of my life.
What else can I say?
You are the love of my life.

You are music, poetry.
You are spring breezes,
Fresh and cool and calm and light.

You are hard, with soft center.
Your words are feathers;
You tickle me with good sense.

If you want me I am yours.
Be my falling star;
I am yearning to catch you.

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The Anti-Egoist

As Ayn Rand demonstrates in her great, poetic short novel, “Anthem”, it is man’s ego which makes human life possible and enjoyable. It is man’s ego which is at the center and the beginning of human progress in every area of life—the industrial, the medical and the artistic among the rest. All of us owe praise and thanks to the egoistic dreamers and inventors and creators of past ages and present, without whom there would not be a wheel, a light bulb, a phone or a computer—-a computer for anti-egoists to post on.

Anyone who calls for the defeat of the ego is calling for the defeat of real success and personal happiness, for the surrender of hope and physical and mental health. Mental hospitals are full of anti-egoists. He who says he wants to defeat the ego is a psychological and moral self-corruptor, who lives for nothing but to destroy human happiness, close down the individual will and sacrifice the independent mind. He who wants to destroy the ego is also against romantic love. Romantic love is nothing but one “I” admiring and loving another “I” solely and totally. The anti-egoist may smile in a picture; there is nothing but hatred in his heart.

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Songs By Sappho (after translations by W. Barnstone)


I reach up into the sky
And…no! Not reach!
I walk on earth;
I stand in sky.
My feet press purest dust
And my song goes far.


Full Moon

The sparkling-footed stars
Pale to the splendid moon
When in her glory she runs naked
‘Round the world.



With gold soft feet
dawn like a thief
fell on me.



Down are the Pleiades;
Long the lone night.
Oh, do the hours go?
Slow; oh, so slow.

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All Last Night

All last night I dreamed of you,
Awoke, and slept, and dreamed of you,
And kept on dreaming all night through
Of you and me, and me and you.

You were so gentle, were so fair—
Imagine us two sitting there,
I on a couch and you in chair,
And here was I, and you were there.

Then suddenly your lips are mine,
Our arms around us intertwine,
And everything is so divine,
The world is right and bright and fine!

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A Cowboy’s Hope

I hope you’re not in pain, my dear;
I really, really do.
If I were there, I’d face that pain
And tell him, “You are through!”
“Go for your gun! Draw!” I’d say,
And I’d be quick as truth.
I’d shoot his gun out of his hand,
And like a coward he wouldn’t stand,
But fall away from your tooth!
And then I’d fill him full of lead,
Just to make sure that Pain was dead.

O my darlin’, you may laugh
At my imagination,
But I swear you are the prettiest gal
In this whole darn creation!

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Lantern, lantern, in the night.
My lovely Lady.
Oh and oh, what gentle light.

Moon rising, rising so full.
Beautiful Lady.
Serenity is so close.

Crashing waves shout on the shore.
My smiling lady.
Yes, she is passionate, too.

Rocks twinkle in morning sun.
Clothes spread out to dry.
We lie content on the sand.

Serene, the lamp of the day.
Serene, my Lady.
Yes, I am learning.

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It Will Be Wonderful!

Oh, how I want you, my dear!
I want to hold you, hold you, hold you!
Hold you in my arms!
Close my eyes and hold you!
More than anything!
More than kisses or caresses,
More than sex!
Just to hold you, hold you, hold you!
Oh, and you will be all mine!
And I will be all yours!
Oh, it will be wonderful!

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