With All Our Might (dedicated to Elon Musk)

On rocketship I glide away

From all this mindless, helpless gray

To youthful dream of yesterday

That shines so very bright.

The will to leap now springs so true

That “Blast off” is my thing to do,

And I am man now seeing new

The world so very bright.

The shade of earth is passing by

(With useless chains intil you die);

The altruists are in deny

Of life so very bright.

My happy love-of-life is strong,

I break the bonds of “can’t” with song,

For traitor Kant was ever wrong,

And Reason is so bright!

This profit-venture is my test—

Demands of me my very best;

From mythic gods I gladly wrest

This world so very bright!

The planets, stars, a-one by one,

I take until the taking’s done,

My brother laughing—he, the sun,

Who shines with all our might!

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In Outer Space

I found your face in outer space,

Beyond the farthest stars.

My ship was light, l traveled right,

Sped past the moon and Mars.

Venus was nice, but much too coy;

I wanted someone real.

I shot away from her fake joy

In search of my ideal.

Pluto, oh, a cold, cold hag;

I warped away so fast!

Better off with a wrinkled bag

In permanency cast!

I banked to left, then flew straight on,

Saw glitt’ring stars unknown.

A heaven of jewels spread out like dawn—

And one standing all alone.

So radiant ’twas, green, purple, gold.

Could hardly trust my eyes!

I felt my self in a magic zone

At edge of Paradise!

I nearer went; it shrank away.

In essence, it was shy.

This first for me— on my last day—

To kiss the world goodbye.

Then, when l stopped, it grew so small—

A woman was, so fair!

Nay! She was more than beautiful,

The answer to my prayer!

I leaped from ship, stood by her side;

I breathed, but don’t know how!

I only know that l felt pride.

To see her eyes aglow!

You know the rest, for it was you,

Who’re now my own dear wife.

The loveliest “it” I ever knew,

Sweet partner of my life!

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Tables For Twos

They met at a cafe in Kuala Lumpur.

They sat at a table for two.

Four tables away two old gossips sat. They looked in amaze and gawked. Said one, “Oh, my, it’s Belinda San. She’s sitting with a poet, l know it!”

Then the other said, “Look how close they sit! It’s a scandal! See! She’s leaning closer; he’s leaning closer! Their lips almost touch! And right out in public!”

Then the first one noted, “Look, he’s pulling out a paper from his pocket! And she, too, is pulling out a paper from her pocket! He’s starting to read; she’s starting to read! It must be poems! Look how their lips are synchronized! Can you make it out?”

“Oh, yes. They are saying, I love you, I love you, I love you, over and over. What kind of a poem is that?”

“Should we report them?”

“What for? Bad poetry? And to whom?”

“To the State-against- synchronized-poetry authorities.”

“What for? They’re not hurting anyone.”

“But it’s so wrong.”

“What’s wrong about it? Besides, I’ll tell you a secret.”


“I love you.”

“Oh, I’ve felt it, too. Does that mean we are lesbians, at the age of ninety?”

“Of course not. Dear friends we are. Put your hand under the table. We’ll hold hands, and every time they say ‘love’ we’ll squeeze.”

“Oh, my dear, we’ll soon be worn out! I hope we don’t have heart attacks.”

“Me, either. But aren’t they beautiful?”

“Look, he touched her knee with his knee! Oh, what a dear rascal!”

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Clarinda’s Mooncake

With little notes hid deep inside

The mooncake talks the rebel’s pride.

There ‘re secret notes of secret word;

In secrecy they’re read and heard.

These mooncake rebels, they don’t eat

The whole mooncake—leave incomplete!

For they must know the schemer’s plan.

And if it’s from Clarinda Tan

They’ll see a win—it’s in the peek!

For what she schemes is so oblique

The foe does not know what to seek,

Or where, or when, or how or why.

They only sense—try not to die!

Or, better yet—run and fly!

End of page one. I hope I find page two.

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You, at break of day;

You, rising.

Through the dim-lit rooms you go.

You, moving.

Sun and earth and wind together,

You are my glad-changing weather.

You, climate-face of love—

Sometimes happy—rain of joy;

Sometimes sad—way too hot!

Stormy, calm, wild, serene,

Everything in between.

But always, ever, you.

You, at fall of night;

You, moving in sleep.

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Flutter Back

To you I write a little poem,

That you give it a little home

Within your heart.

To you I sing a loving song,

That it will loveydove belong

Within your heart.

At last I send a bell-like kiss

That it will ring upon your lips

The whole day through;

And when you peek your eyes my way

You’ll flutter back love’s kiss in play

The whole day through.

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The Great Full Moon Over Charlotte

The great moon comes to judge without pity;

Enraptured is by such a beautiful city.

And men raise up their eyes unto the moon and deem it fair,

Of all its joyous trembling unaware.

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