Oh, let us go a-walking up, up, up.
Oh, let us go a-walking up a slope.
And when we get on top we will stop, stop, stop,
To see if there is hop for any hope.

Nope, nope, nope, there’s no funny bunny here;
So, let us go a-skipping down the side.
Yup, yup, yup, we are precious, we are dear,
For we’re hap-hap-happy in our pride!

Oh, we don’t don’t hope, for we know, know, know
That we do, do, do what is right,
And the best best thing is the best we bring
To beam. beam, beam with its light!

So we see and we blink, and we stop and we think,
And we follow on through with a “Do!”
Till we’re done, done, done, with a new thing won,
And the fact is our dream come true!

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Oh, If It Were

When first your lips touch mine, my dear—
Oh, at thought of it I gasp!
So softly, softly, kiss me, dear,
When down I fall on grass!

O lips, O lips, O lips divine,
I am too weak to stand!
So softly let your mouth be mine,
As I, I squeeze your hand!

Oh, Love, oh, Love, could this be true,
That I could spend my life with you?
Oh, if it were, I think we’d see
A present immortality!

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Let Us Be Light

To earn your real respect I do desire;
Respect, encircling love, uplifts it higher,
Strengthens heart and soul more firm and true,
And that, my dear, is what i seek from you.
Intoxication, yes, it blinded me,
Though glad was I to love with such a joy.
Still strong is all my love inside of me,
Though I be now more man and less hot boy.
Oh, hard it is to mix this half and half,
But I will blend in one, my love, for you.
Then may you smile on me and laugh your laugh,
Whene’er I trip, as climbers sometimes do.
I will step high with positives most gay
And kick dull negativity away!

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You’ve Made Me Calm

You’ve made me calm with sober words of sense;
You’ve made me see maturity can grow;
You bade me live that I deep love can give,
And not be jealous of imaginary foe.
I, so bent on raising youth in you—
Successful, too, in stirred, forgotten fire—
Yet weak felt in attention paid to you,
And fell some from a level that was higher.
My dear, sweet teacher of maturer heart,
I bow to you with admiration strong,
And may from me my adulthood ne’er part,
But soar again in true, uplifting song.
Without intoxication love can mend
To wing in wonder still, and never end.

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Up To You

You boost me up so very high
I think I’ll faint before I fly.
From thought of assets falling low
I hit the gas, and up I go!
You treat me true, my life esteem—
My love, my sweet, you’re such a dream
That sleep shall wake me not for sun;
I am a star—a shooting one!
Around in love I circle, clear;
Clear of un-self-worth I steer!
Now Poetry, who was my wife,
Obeys my love, who is my life!
And Confidence, who dared to part,
Glides back inside my surer heart.
It’s you, it’s you, it’s you, my sweet,
Who put these wings upon my feet;
Like Mercury now fly I swift
In joy of flight for your high gift.
Up to your arms, your lips, I wing,
To kiss and love you, dance and sing!

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We Ask…

We ask each other, one, two, three,
“How can so much you love just me?”
You asked first, now second, I,
And no one tells, not even sky.
He sees all things; he sure should know
Why we love, love, each other so.
It is our secret, its ours, no share,
Found deep in heart with life’s surge there.
A silent song, a whispering,
That pulls us close, to kiss and cling.
And yet, while still far, far apart,
There is a welding in the heart
That binds together one from two,
With you in me, and me in you.
Around we spin, a wing of fire,
In mental flight of thought’s desire,
And I am you and you are me,
And we’re in love with all we be!

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Pale orange room; you sit, you write.
All is quiet, dark.
Your hand—fall’s leaf, dancing still.

Fall leaf, spring leaf, guiding sight;
All is quiet, dark.
Poem by poem is streaming still.

Pale orange room; your eyes are bright,
Lips are murmuring,
Face aglow with love-light’s will.

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