Not Chance (from 4, Sept. 2017)

Oh, don’t believe in fate, my dear,

And don’t believe in luck.

It’s not by chance that we are here,

But by our joyous pluck!

We came in view, we saw the truth

Of sparkling soul and mind;

Our thrill of will was still half youth

That we braved much to find.

For when Love’s cliff came into sight

I failed me not at all,

And you did laugh with laughter light

In catching my last fall!

You caught me, sweet, and l caught you;

Together we were one.

It is not chance that we now dance

As moon does dance with sun.

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Best Explorer (from 7, Nov. 2017)

On the tip of your nose my finger-tap;

I scan your face like a world map.

I tilt your head from left to right

And see my future glowing bright.

Your chin is firm—hard granite there;

Your lips, rose petals, sweet and rare;

Your forehead smooth—marble fine;

Your eyes, true living jewels—they’re mine!

I stake my claim, I do not miss!

No lips e’er felt a deeper kiss!

Your eyes, a-twinkle, winking


My world map brings happiness!

I am explorer! Drake was nought;

Columbus bound no thing he sought;

Magellan sailed the world around,

But I’m the best, for you I’ve found!

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Short and Sweet (from July 6th 2017)

I almost fainted, picturing you,

And not your face, your eyes, your lips.

It was your hand, almost in mine.

For I was reaching, you were reaching,

And closer, closer, oh, so close,

And then, I almost fainted!

Oh, it was more than sex or pleasure,

And it was more than piles of treasure;

To touch the one who’s more to me

Than anyone could ever be—

Oh, it will be an act so true,

So deeply dear, to touch, touch you!

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It Is So Wonderful (from July 19, 2017)

It is so wonderful you care for me;

It is so wonderful you chat with me;

It is so wonderful you love me so;

It is so wonderful.

And then, when chat is over, through,

Your soul is walking with me, too.

You are my world out-spreading new

That is so wonderful.

The sense of you is joy to find,

Your darling laughter light and kind;

The sweetness of you blows my mind,

It is so wonderful.

You said I floor you with my speech,

You “ceiling” me to highest reach.

I’m on the rooftop with my peach,

Who is so wonderful.

The stars above, they shine so bright,

Yet your fair face has more bold light;

I keep you with me all the night

Because you’re wonderful.

It is so wonderful you love me so;

It is so wonderful that I love you,

And wonderful we both know two

Who are so wonderful.

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Gambling (from May, 2018)

You gave me two pancakes,

I gave you one kiss.

Why am l so hungry?

Why do you smile?

Hey, did l get cheated?

Oh, this gambling!

The house always wins.

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Angels (from Feb. 2018)

Thoughtful, kind, and good and true,

I get all the best of you.

Loving, caring, heart if gold,

Angel wings around me fold.

We have spirits, you and I,

Pressed together, still they fly.

Fly serene and strong and sure,

All the storms if life endure.

You’re for me and I’m for you,

Thoughtful, kind, and good and true.

Loving, caring, hearts of gold,

We’re the angels we enfold.

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Coming Down! (May, 2018)

On my back I lie.

Comes rumble of thunder,

Shaking the house.

Comes rain,

Tapping on the roof,

Then fists on the roof,

Slow, then fast,

Faster, fiercer, pounding!

Then the whole sky!


Down through the roof,

Down on my chest!


You coming down!

You shouting, “Yes!

“I want you!”

Down, coming down!

I reach to grab you!

Miss you!

Ah! A dream!

Oh, thank god,

Your hand is on my chest.

Oh, do I love you.

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