We Taketh (29 June 2017)

You wanteth me to cometh through,

Fulfilleth plans and come to you;

I wanteth, wanteth, wanteth, too,

And all my want is set on you.

You wisheth me to make no haste;

I wisheth me no time to waste.

We wisheth both our love’s pure taste

When mind through mind on lips is placed.

I wanteth you, you wanteth me;

We want each other, held, yet free—

To be the joyous dreams we see,

Completed in the life of we.

We haveth love, it is our time;

We haveth wills that maketh rhyme.

Up to a peak we taketh climb

To stand in happiness sublime.

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Saturday Night Fever (18, Nov. 2017)

I’m so happy, happy, happy that I love you,

And I’m glad, I’m glad, I’m glad you love me, too!

When you’re laughing, laughing, laughing I could hug you,

And when you “heart” me I do fall more fast for you.

I’m so very, very light when we are chatting;

I could sit up on the ceiling quite at ease.

And from all our cheery play of sweet romancing

I am buzzing like a hundred zipping bees!

You’re my honey and my comb, and I’ll fly to you my home,

And you’ll be my loving queen that I won’t sting.

In each cell within the hive we will kiss to keep alive,

And our workers will make bells for us to ring!

We will ring and sing and play, swing all night and sleep all day,

We’ll be happy, happy, happy we are free!

From this honeycomb our home we will never ever roam,

But be loving, loving, loving, yes sireee!

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Winter Love (Nov. 29, 2017)

You’re outside, walking in the cold still air;

A warm fur coat is on you, but your head is bare.

It’s almost freezing, but your hands are free—

You like to feel the cold and its calm mystery.

The sky is gray and gray is getting dark;

You make your way into the pine tree park.

Suddenly, sailing, a tiny flake of snow!

You watch it, catch it, your face—moon-glow!

You spread your fingers—there to see

Your palm is wet with passed mystery.

Now other flakes are sailing—lively, all around!

Lovely little dancers creating no sound.

You feel them on your face, with joy do smile.

Cold, yet tender love they give, a sweet, sweet while.

You spread your arms and whirly-whirl about:

The snowflake you has come on out!

Now, hand in hand, together we do stroll

Into the winter wonderland with glad hearts whole.

And now from off a rock a bunch of snow you take

To press to your precious lips for pure love’s sake.

Then on my lips you press it, for my kiss, too,

The coolest lovey-dovey gift to me from you.

But passion is too warm—it melts and flies away,

While we stand laughing on this snow day!

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For What? (New)

Quietly in front of me you set the eggs.

My kiss on your cheek is just as quiet.

Quietly and surely you bring my coffee.

I see two quiet stars—your eyes.

They twinkle.

I see a soft cloud of dark hair,

And suddenly you go to the kitchen!

How can I now, half distracted, eat?

Ah, you return, to sit in front of me,

Watching, greedy, for my enjoyment.

Now I can eat. But am I hungry?

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Oh, Mama (March 7, 2018)

Oh, mama started me off right,

Sent me schoolward to the light.

The shining books I learned to read,

Their glowing poems became my need.

Oh, mama, mama, you did well,

Gave me a pathway out of Hell,

Road toward beauty and success,

Highway up to happiness.

Oh, mama, l’ve worked hard as you

To make a better life come true;

My sons, my daughter, good and fine,

And they are yours as much as mine.

Be proud of me, my mama, dear,

Let all your blessings strong appear,

And help me love my poet, too,

Who writes sweet words of me and you.

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All Hands On Deck! (From Oct. 14, 2017)

My dear, l live your light,

It thrills me day and night.

It dizzies me

And sizzles me

Till l am fried and tight.

Then must l travel far through space

To hold you, darling, face to face.

I love your dogs,

I love your birds,

I love your Funny Girl, too.

I’d love to send you more than words

And put my hands on you.

“All hands on deck!”

Will be my shout,

As my two hands obey,

And you l’ll turn

And spin about

And kiss you as l may!

The captain of the ship is me,

And you’re the ship l own.

I’ll rig you with caresses free

As we sail off, alone.

Don’t mutiny, my deary dear;

And don’t sink on the floor.

You’d better swim up to the bed,

Revived with kisses four!

Don’t flounder now, don’t roll around,

As you were drowning fast.

This is no grave, but I’m a wave,

And you on me are cast!

I am the anchor of your heart,

Accept it, dear, don’t fight.

The sea is true, it’s me and you,

Our bedroom isle is right!

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Sixty-Three (12 July, 2017)

Clarinda at nineteen;

I knew you right away.

Just shows when you’re a smart shy Queen

Your spirit’s beauty glows.

It glows, and so retains

That high intelligence

That’s all my joy to gain.

For gain I do, my sweet nineteen,

And it is great to see

That you are now my sharp-mind Queen

At rising sixty-three.

That sweet, shy girl

Has risen true

To be the one and only you.

I look real close, and in your face

My own young shyness finds its place.

And I am glad as glad can be

That I’ve met you at sixty-three.

The world may pour out troubles much,

Relationships may sour,

But on your picture my lips touch

With love of lasting power.

Fair Queen Clarinda, Princess there,

Young and shy, sincere and fair,

Your pictures—all—bring joy to me,

But I’m in love with sixty-three.

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