Celebra-she-un! (from Dec. 20, 2017)

You’ll go to market,

And there you’ll buy

Ingredients for

Noodle-ball pie.

Then come you homeward

To roll the dough

And out in the oven

An hour or so.

Not all’s romantic,

Not sex is all;

Sometimes there’s only

A rolling ball!

And then there’s eating;

It must be done

For the Solstice


Now off you’re going,

And make it fast!

No time for showing off


Oh, you creature,

I love you so;

Your fair, soft features

Do move me—oh!

If I went with you

We’d sneak somewhere,

Forget the noodles

For kiss compare!

And then close hugging!

It must be done

For the Solstice


Not all’s romantic,

Not all is sex;

Sometimes there’s only

A kiss complex!

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Caught! (Oct. 23, 2017)

My lover, my lover, my lover,

Oh, what you are to me

Is more than a man could discover

Through all eternity,

Though everything he found was pure as gold.

With riches piled high

In great bank vaults towering

He would not have that soaring wing have I.

And yet you flutter low to lift me as I grow,

Yout spirit in my soul an angel true.

Your song in me is flame

That intensifies my love to ever more

And more my love to show

Till all my life’s desire is for you

A burning fire

That will never, ever, ever let you go!

This divine simplicity

That exists in you and me

Is a truth that comes but rarely unto two.

But it’s here, and we have caught it,

We can cheer for what it’s taught us—

That honesty in loving is a height

Beyond the reach of any but the real,

Who never turn away from their ideal.

You are the one I’ve always wanted,

As you have always wanted me.

We hungered and we panted

And now, self-caught, we’re free!

Free in halo love round you and me.

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Last Night (March 14, 2018)

Two days without you, dear, has not

Been all that bad. Know why?

Because I am getting so much closer

To you as each bare day goes by.

(I did not intend to make a rhyme.)

Yes, dear, I can almost smell your fresh perfume and your lovely hair.

Maybe we shouldn’t hug; I might forget myself. I could bow and kiss your hand, after saying, “Hello, my Lady.”

I will be so happy just to see you, just to look into your eyes—if you don’t become too shy and look away! Are you fully ready for this, dear? No regrets, no changes of heart? I haven’t yet met you, and I still long to see you!

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Definite (July 11, 2018)

My dear, strong, lovely Lady number one,

May you sleep like the moon and rise like the sun.

There’s nothing strange up in the skies.

The stars take brilliance from your eyes.

An earthquake is a definite event.

When you walk toward me you are more definite.

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Are We Not Young? (from Oct. 27, 2017)

Are we not young, my luff, loving true,

As you love me and l love you?

And you might say, “We’re young as we perceive.”

I’d answer, “We’re young at heart, l believe.”

And when l’m off that aeroplane,

And when l look into yourveyes,

Belief, perception, will remain

As we make our own Paradise.

The Fountain of Youth is a fountain of truth,

And the truth of you and me

Will be bliss of a kiss that does not miss

The souls that are you and me.

Though we hold hands, or walk apart,

We’ll still be double, heart on heart;

Though crowds of people cause unease,

My soul will strengthen back and knees.

Though family, friends, seem overmuch,

They’ll stop not “accidental” touch;

And when, at last, we are alone,

We will, for all lost time, atone.

Oh luffy-duffy, love of mine,

Oh tender, true, my world divine,

I love you, love you, love you so,

And want our love to overflow!

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For Keeps (from Nov. 16, 2017)

You don’t have to say you love me;

I know you do.

You don’t have to hug or kiss me;

Inside, l know you do.

You don’t even have to give me

Your hand, that l may touch.

The way you stand, so tensely,

Tells me you love me much.

The picture you have shown me,

So shy, yet so sincere,

Cannot fade inside me,

But grows more sharp and clear.

So when we meet in March, love,

From frame your pic will leap,

And l will hug my love-dove,

And know your heart’s to keep.

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No Chores! (from 27 Aug. 2017)

You reach your hand for one old mop;

I reach before, and I say, ” Stop!”

You’re out to gather Bingo’s poop;

I’m there before you; l’ve got scoop!

The dinner dishes—not done yet,

But I will suds them, you can bet!

You’re up to make the water boil;

Already done! Your cup, my girl!

I’ve tossed the garbage, dumped the trash,

I’ve dusted shelves and polished glass.

For your vacation; yes, my dear!

Now don’t you wish that I was near?

If I were there to work for thee,

I’d give you tons of energy,

And you could read and write all day,

And let no chores get in your way!

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