We Are

You are a steadying hand on me,

And guide ne straight along.

I am a joy to you, fulfilling your life’s song.

You are my moon and stars,

I am your sun.

We are a mirrored two

Framed into one.

Our lives are good, but better, we can see,

When I’m alive in you, as you in me.

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I Win Again

Oh, lovely, lovely, lovely,

You soft October rain,

With touch of cool within your voice,

That says,

“I win again!”

Oh, win again, again, again,

Upon my lips and eyes!

Ah, to see through mist again within fall’s Paradise!

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How Silently

How silently the day dies.

It dies and dies away,

Smooth, serenely, easy,

And the last boat goes,

Goes serenely up,

Up the stream,

Serenely, as in a dream,

While the last light dies.

It dies and dies away.

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I’ll Have Won (a child’s poem)

When something happens l don’t want,

And all because of me,

I start to yell, and scream and pant,

Because l did not see.

And no one knows my anger is

For hurt inside of me.

But, maybe father, and maybe mother,

Will look with seeing eye,

And tell me what l know to be,

So real, that I can cry.

And when I’ve gone and cried a ton

Some happy knowledge l’ll have won.

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She Cooks Besides!

My love does chores

All day and night,

She really does

And does them right!

Her hands do fly,

Her body spins;

Down low, up high,

She cleans and wins!

Across the room

She dances fair—

To grab a broom

And sweep up care.

Outside, with scoop,

From every place,

She scoops the poop

To a better place!

The dishes wait,

But not too long;

They’ll ‘ppreciate

Her rub-dub song.

Then clothes round spin

With suddy soap;

To keep dirt in

They have no hope.

My love does chores

All day, all night.

She really does

And does them right.

And she cooks besides!

She cuts up veggies,

Big and small,

Fries the eggs,

Toasts the toast,

Heats the coffee,

Sets out the butter—

Her whole body

Flying all around!

Oh, she is something!

My love does chores

All day, all night;

A whirlwind of dynamite!

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Saucy Soul

Such beautiful poems I wrote last year

For you, and only you, my precious dear,

With love so genuine, deep and true,

And my whole soul in love with you,

And every thought and feeling said

I love you from your toes up to your head,

But mostly I love lips and eyes ideal

That make me spin around and reel,

Till I am almost upside down,

A lover like a funny clown,

Who yet does love you for your soul

So beautiful, wonderful, good and whole,

And yet that saucy look you give

Is my whole reason why I live.

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The Reasons

Pleasure of eyes and of lips and of hands,

Of the mind that seizes and understands

That the joy of the senses bears no ill

To the hands that take for the spirit’s fill,

As the lips of two lovers inclosing meet

To agree in a moment on aim so sweet,

In commitment to goodness of life made great

By their nakedest beauty and holiest state

Of the man the god and the goddess she,

Who are starters and ends of morality.

These heroical two who out-leapt the crowd

And were never made ugly with guilt and shroud,

And who never accepted that joy was bad,

Or that pleasure was cover for deeper sad,

These most splendid and clean and out-laughing two—

These are the reasons the world is new!

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