Love A-Top The Pyramid

Built by slaves, slave-masters, too,

And none did know they built so true.

They built so high, they built so strong,

That joys of love may live here long.

The gods bow down, the gods and kings;

They never knew such happy things.

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We met when l was tripping seventy-one.

I’ve held you my whole life—at seventy—two.

I never really was in love before;

Now, love’s in love with me, loving more,

And you are all l know, or need to know,

To wonder there’s such joy at seventy-one,

Tight hold the universe at seventy-two,

And nod “yes,” that you, you love him so.

“Yes”. Oh, what a word, what a soul’s song

Is “Yes!” You are yes, and yes is so strong

That it is both of us, eternally,

As long and sure and long as we shall be!

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Excoriated from coast to coast,

Because all human pride I toast.

I take excoriation,

I take it as I boast

That better men deserve our praise

And heroes earn the most!

Excoriate me, damn me,

Scorn me all you can!

You are but a hater;

I, I am a man.

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On First Mars Sunset

Cold is sunset with no cloud;

And yet, it’s new.

Up to man for show more proud;

And so, we’ll do!

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You Say

You say you’re sick

And I grow ill;

You say you’re better,

With joy I swell.

You say nothing,

Just smile and smile;

I’m in Heaven

All the while.

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Petunias, red and white ones,

Petunias purple blue,

All these petunias

Are falling for you!

Gentle their petals,

Delicate, too.

A thousand petunias

Are calling for you!

“Oh, put us in boxes,

So we can grow long

And fall in a fountain

Of colorful song!

Water us, sunlight us,

Love with high praise.

We’ll joy the eyes of you

Days upon days!

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How Silently

How silently the day dies.

It dies and dies away,

Smooth, serenely easy,

And the last boat goes,

Goes serenely up,

Up the stream,

Serenely, as in a dream,

While the last light dies.

It dies and dies away.

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