Prometheus was wound and double bound for his ability.

The gods were hot, and raged that he taught all that he knew.

They feared that men would love “I can” till gods were no more great,

And they might think, and clearly think, on mysteries of Fate.

So, yes, they made him suffer—“Suffer, suffer, you!”

But over pain and over gods, equal with all things true,

Prometheus laughs, and laughs again, then breaks his bonds in two!

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Inspirational Music

Remembered joys roll down the keyboard,

Thrilling mind with vibrant touch!

Pedal-power burns the spirit,

Soaring through in smooth and rough!

True and soaring, new and storied,

Finding words and phrases sharp!

Gath’ring round all swords of glory,

Thinking victors thrusting, here!

Soaring organ, soaring ever!

Even soul, that loves to steer!

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Drumming in the revolution

Walks a boy of giant soul.

“Common Sense” he heard, and listened,

Now he marches to the goal.

Rattle and beat, with a beat repeating,

Dum, diddi dum, diddi dum, dum, dum!

He’ll be a man ere the war is over,

And many a lad will add to the sum.

Dum diddi dum, it is growing louder,

Freedom-lovers with muskets run,

Run to defend their homes and loved ones

From King George minions, the rotten bum!

Young and old are fighting fiercely!

Never, never, will they give in!

All at once, and all forever,

On to that place man’s never been!

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I Walk

I walk alone along the way

Where all my dreams come in with day—

And you the most behind the light,

Glowing to make all things bright.

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On One Blind, sitting by a shaft of sun.

Though light beside her

Is denied her,

Proud she is to sit so still

And hear the gay birds trill.

You and l let light blind hearing,

Peeping joys keep disappearing.

Faint they be in sunlight bright’ning,

Loud to her as summer lightning.

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We Taketh (29 June 2017)

You wanteth me to cometh through,

Fulfilleth plans and come to you;

I wanteth, wanteth, wanteth, too,

And all my want is set on you.

You wisheth me to make no haste;

I wisheth me no time to waste.

We wisheth both our love’s pure taste

When mind through mind on lips is placed.

I wanteth you, you wanteth me;

We want each other, held, yet free—

To be the joyous dreams we see,

Completed in the life of we.

We haveth love, it is our time;

We haveth wills that maketh rhyme.

Up to a peak we taketh climb

To stand in happiness sublime.

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Saturday Night Fever (18, Nov. 2017)

I’m so happy, happy, happy that I love you,

And I’m glad, I’m glad, I’m glad you love me, too!

When you’re laughing, laughing, laughing I could hug you,

And when you “heart” me I do fall more fast for you.

I’m so very, very light when we are chatting;

I could sit up on the ceiling quite at ease.

And from all our cheery play of sweet romancing

I am buzzing like a hundred zipping bees!

You’re my honey and my comb, and I’ll fly to you my home,

And you’ll be my loving queen that I won’t sting.

In each cell within the hive we will kiss to keep alive,

And our workers will make bells for us to ring!

We will ring and sing and play, swing all night and sleep all day,

We’ll be happy, happy, happy we are free!

From this honeycomb our home we will never ever roam,

But be loving, loving, loving, yes sireee!

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