Stand, Hong Kong

Stand, Hong Kong,

Stand you strong.

You are right,

Not in wrong!

Never cow,

Never bow;

All the good is

In you now!

Freedom’s soul

Yours to sing;

Free-born life–

And you, its wing!

Dark threat of force

Is vile behave.

Who uses has no

Face to save.

But you are good,

Truth is yours.

Already sun and

Sky is yours!

Already all the

World can see

You are height of

Being free!

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I Am

Rise for America,

Rise, and then go—

Into the battle

To beat the foe!

They are the communists,

No-man-souled, worse,

Hating free life

In the whole universe!

Individuals hating,

Star-enhancing of mind;

Creators and thinkers—

They’d ban us and blind.

Lovers of noth-noth,

Of ugliness, too,

They look for the one thing

To nothing-out you.

You, the self-truster,

You, the must, real,

Who, in self-luster

Flash-fills your ideal.

Ah! They can’t stand it!—

A self that is whole!

To drown, down command it,

They’d kill it–your soul.

But you are America,

Great man of this earth.

In you is its firstness,

True glory of worth!

For “I” be you fighting—

Each woman, each man,

Your ego-light lighting

The sky with—-I am!

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Sweet Stuff!

In three day’s time

I’ll fly away,

But l will come back soon!

I’m only half a melody

Till you complete the tune!

Glad I’ll be to find new books

And give to them my loving looks.

But in three days I’ll have enough,

And ready be for your—

Sweet stuff!

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Ill or Not

You’re getting well;

I am, too.

I get well

Because of you.

Well done or rare,

We both are hot.

A touch, a kiss,

A moment’s bliss—

Now healthy us

For such sweet fuss.

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Love Put His Eyes

Love put his eyes in me to see you well.

I watch you when you come and go, or sit.

His eyes don’t know, as I do, they are bound

By iron bands. From you there is no flit,

No seeking weak sun’s gold or light bud’s white.

For all, next you, seems beaten, frail, unsound,

And dawn must follow you for real delight.

Love put his heart in me to love you well,

And I, obedient to what his eyes do see,

Rebelling more than little from this slavery,

Grow stronger now to master Love’s desire,

Then make it all my own, or die a liar.

I put Love’s hands on you that are my own,

And squeeze us into heights else never known.

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One special “you” there is,

Vivacious, strong.

One dear Lady who, who,

Is made for my song.

One true woman too, too,

Who was my destiny,

And now this is true

I am where l would be.

One flying we there is,

Bounded by the stars.

We are the good,

And all high songs are ours.

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Proud of Pride

You are proud, proud of your proud lips my dear,

Yet prouder are to kiss proud lips of mine.

And I’m proud, too, so proud to waver here,

Unfeeling of whose kisses, your or mine,

Have lifted us like spinning tops away,

Yet feeling, guessing, dreaming we’re okay

And all the world’s a playground for joy’s heart.

Okay, okay, okay, come kiss again;

Be proud of pride to be so good and proud,

To merge in pride so proudful, undenied.

Then let our hands and legs, with pride endowed,

Kiss proudly, too, full meeting front and side,

In pride that’s not too proud to be too proud

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