Soft Falling

As you leap from the cliff
That is three feet high
I catch you with laughter
And love in my eye.
I catch you and keep you
And won’t let you stray,
Or else you’ll be leaping
Again, I dare say.
Then you step on a step
And fall to my chest—
Oh, what a fall!
You’re really the best!
O Friend, my dear friend,
Now falling for me,
We see what true fun
Soft falling can be!

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Now There’s You

I used to be so independent;
I never needed anyone;
I stood aloof and so transcendent,
But now, there’s you.

I used to be all to myself, yes,
My imagination was enough, yes,
I never needed anyone, no,
But now, there’s you.

I never needed anyone—no!
I never wanted anyone—no!
And now? Oh now, oh now,
Yes, now, there’s you.

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I imagine your medium voice,
Medium sweet, medium rare—
Oh, that sounds like a steak!
I chew on it and rejoice!
So juicy and tender and fair!

Oh you, my dear medium one!
Please, don’t ever be well done!
My teeth might fall from my mouth,
My indigestion go south,
While you would be laughing so
At my bone-breaking fall below!

And then, out of pity for me,
You’d kindly croak out a song.
I’d shout, “Please croak more mediumly;
My ears, they are not so strong!”
Then you’d speak in your medium rare voice
And I’d chew, and sigh, and rejoice.

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The rain keeps fall, falling and falling,
Keeps right on falling all day.
Her book is calling, calling and calling;
She cannot keep her away.
She just keeps reading, reading and reading,
Keeps right on reading all day!
She’s seeking quotes she loves the most seeing,
Her heartstrings singing through all her being,
While rain keeps falling, falling and falling,
And love is calling, calling and calling,
And cannot keep her away.

Let love be love, and truth be truth,
And live, my Lady, your ageless youth.

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So Greedy!:)

So smart, so sweet, so kind,
So lively in your mind;
So pretty, oh, so pretty,
So calm, yet coy and witty;
So funny, sharp and cool,
Not anybody’s fool;
So bright, so sweet, so fair,
So thoughtful with your care;
So like the morning skies,
Glad secrets in your eyes;
So practical, so true,
You live the song that’s you;
So loyal in your heart
To dreams that never part;
Such fight for human light
Is your whole spirit’s might;
So quick with common sense,
With love-of-life immense;
Such glad magnificence;
Such industry intense;
Such hands, that make things run
To get your hard work done;
So beautiful, serene,
Such wonder rarely seen;
So light, yet firm and sure,
In spirit never poor;
So happy—-like a star,
You shine where e’er you are;
So good—in virtue, gold;
So brave—in all things bold;
So independent—free
From falsehood’s misery;
So smart, so kind, so sweet,
So agile on your feet;
So pretty, oh, so pretty!
The wit of you so witty!
Yet greedy, oh, so greedy
For more of this, and more!

If I could praise forever
My praise would end not ever;
If always I sang true
My one song would be you.
If I could write for ages
You’d be a million pages,
And this whole universe
Would read you last and first!
And so I sing and praise,
And so I praise and sing,
For days and days and days
A-wing, a-wing, a-wing!
And so I write forever
Your pages ending never.
So smart, so sweet, so kind,
So lively in your mind!
So pretty, oh, so pretty,
So calm, and yet so witty;
Yet greedy, oh, so greedy,
For more of this and more!

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In Between

I stand and see you;
You are standing, too;
One curled hair singing,
“I’m as tall as you!”

I look you very straight;
You look straight at me.
We are happy, both,
To see what we do see.

I reach my hand to yours;
You lift yours like a Queen;
Our fingers touch the doors
That open in between.

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Youth’s Dreams May Live

Youth’s dreams may live in age’s gentle heart;
Deep passions wake to make one great last start;
Yet holding back with taut and tight’ning rein
Are all those fears of being hurt again.
So let her grow, accept that wrong was done;
Oh, let her grow, feel pain, endure and live.
She’s stronger than you think, has much to give
To her own mind mature, is still winged sun
That can arise and fly across the sky!
A gentler flight, may be, but sure and true,
Nor need it go so very fast and high,
But you will keep your wings the soul of you
Till all your dreams will shine as soft gold flame
\With all you being soaring in your name!

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