Combine, Unite!

Oh, lovers of the world, unite!
Unite to love and unite to fight!
To love the good, to fight the wrong,
To save your loves with life-love song!

There’s evil men who live to hate;
Crush them, stamp them—out of date!
There’s honest men who have great mind;
Praise them, honor, treat them kind!

Then do not cease, and do not pause,
Till all live by objective laws,
Till Justice be the one road true,
Great men lauded, base men—through!

Oh, lovers of the world, combine!
Combine for joy and combine for light!
Unite, combine, for sovereign height
Above the depth of evil’s night!

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I knew a sweet girl who sang like a frog;
She took her to market to buy her a log.
For frogs she knew, croak at their best
When they’re at home and are merriest.

She threw her log in a small, small lake;
Water-drops splashed her–“Not our mistake!”
She got so drenched she pouted, cried,
But all the lost-leg snails sighed.

They sighed for joy no croak they’d hear,
Yet they cried, too, to see her tears.
Slow, slow they ran to her front door,
Implored her croak like once before.

All timid, then, she ‘gan to sing,
And oh! what a note did clearly ring!
The lost-leg snails flopped up-side-down
At hearing such a beautiful sound!

The log for joy did spin and spray;
The little lake shouted, “A-Okay!”
The drops that drenched, now clouds that glide,
Felt tears of love down soft cheeks slide.

But lazy she, who sang one note,
Lies Queen of lake on lazy boat.
Still, we have mem’ries, oh, so deep,
Of that bright song that shall not sleep.

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My Crime

I smiled, was happy, until you kissed me, Sweet,
But now such discord lifts me off my feet,
So I can’t know how high I am from ground
And dizzy grow from such sweet kissing sound.
I wander in a realm of which I’m king
And yet I look about and see no thing.
I feel transported, as on planet new,
Discovering there’s no one here but you,–
Rather, only your two lips that do not miss
To send me farther off with no-miss kiss!
Then kiss again, and shoot me through the spheres
That men will not attain to years on years!
I’ll be so far ahead of my own time
I’ll only blame with praise Dear, you, my crime.

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Charm of the Day

She walked along without a song but one that sang inside her.
Her heels did ring, her arms did swing—bright-eyed, the world before her.
Each step a lift, each swing a gift, to he who turned to sight her.
That’s me; I see, and with pen free I tell my hands to write her.

“Oh, you’re the way to charm the day and make it rise within you;
To walk along without a song but only one that’s in you!”

But now she’s gone. Old man comes on; head bent, he walks so creaky.
He didn’t see what I did see or he would be more peaky.
Oh, but I have won my morning sun although the sky is graying,
For in my mind her arms are signed, and always will be swaying!

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After Viewing A Drawing

Fair model stood naked womanhood,
Smooth skin glowing, firm breasts free,
Then through a glass the sun did pass,
Sharp and bold, this height to see.

Her shoulder glanced his blade,
But bolder she was not afraid;
Took his looking, yea, took in,
Standing tall, without a sin.

The artist, then, was glad all day,
For sunlight showed a newer way.
Yea, oh, yea, his youthful sight
Leant creation joyful light!

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“Croak,” sang the frog,
As he leaped through the air;
“Croak” sang the katydid—
What? Didn’t hear?
“Croak,” sang the worm
As he shriveled on ground,
And we see there is croaking
Wherever it’s found!
“Croak,” sang the frog
As his tongue leaped on out.
Bye-bye to the fly—
He croaked, without doubt!

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Love’s Skies

Do you love me enough to say you do?
Or’s “like” the loving most you have in you?
I love not “like” if “like” does not love me,
And yet I like not love that is not free.
And yet again your every “like” I prize
If like on like on like steps to love’s skies
Where like so likes itself it need find wing
To soar and fly for song’s discovering.
For like so flown can never like remain
Unless it love the song of like’s sustain.
Then “like” me all you will—a million times!
Such millions will I match in singing rhymes.
Our mirrored wealth at last will burst and flame
To torch of Love that is like’s other name!

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