Haiku Smoke

A lover’s faults forgiven.
A blossomed pink rose.
Don’t let love go up in smoke.

A smile of eyes agreeing.
A heart held in tight.
Now breathe, as beginning life.

She sees, and she forgives him.
He sighs, glad tears run.
Don’t let love go up in smoke.

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The Key

You are my everything, my all,
My more than more, my mostest most.
You catch my errors when I speak,
You praise me high when I am right.
You ever gently let me fall
And laugh when I of falling boast.
You stand so gently, seem so meek,
And yet for love you fiercely fight.
You are Love’s treasure’s richest find,
And I contain you, heart and mind.
More valuable than gems or gold,
Priceless of all things that be,
You are in my life-chest’s hold,
And only I have got the key!

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Made Free

Brian and Lovey-Dovey
In the Garden of Eden
Heard orders without reason.
They did not obey
And felt no guilt;
They naked were
And felt no shame.
They loved each other,
Gave equal measure
To joyous love
And loving pleasure.
They are the fruit
Of the tree of knowing
And chewed and swallowed
And kept on growing
Till wise they were
And created singing.
Through all the world
Their songs went winging
Of love and joy
And life made free
By Brian and Lovey-Dovey!

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The Start Of Time

Happy, healthy, sixty-three,
My Luffy-duff now waits for me.
Winter comes, is bringing snow,
But that won’t stop my wings from go.

I love my Luffy, she’s complete,
From hair to toes she can’t be beat.
Her mind secure, her spirit pure,
My love of her will long endure.

Malaysian nights will find our eyes
Locked up in joyous Paradise.
Malaysian days will sing our praise
As hand in hand we walk our ways.

Malaysian rains won’t get us wet;
Neath my umbrella we’ll be set.
Oh yes! I’ll buy! Keep Luffy dry,
As back into the house we fly!

I love my Luffy, she’s so smart,
Self-guided with a tender heart.
Uncommon sense, she, too, has it—-
Nicely spiced with subtle wit.

Then I’ll sit down, and so will she;
I’ll look at her, she’ll look at me;
And we will know the truth of truth—
Strong age is made of love and youth.

For we are strong in loving hearts,
Our youthful spirits play their parts;
And stronger we when two is one,
As lips touch lips in time begun.

Oh yes, the start of time is ours,
Inside the house, or under stars.
the world of us begins a-new,
For I and Luffy love so true!

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Because I Love You

You have calmed me, dear, my love.
I am now a flame
Who was once a forest fire.

You loved me, I ceased to rage.
I twist, you hold tight.
Hold me, love, don’t let me go!

I hurt myself with my fire;
Soothe me, love, soothe me.
I only want to be loved.

Even more, I want to love.
Let me love you, dear.
My soul cries, “I have to love!”

That is why I need you, dear.
Because I love you.

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Platonic Love

Oh, the great winds swept, and the great sun spoke,
And his great soul said what’s true,
“Platonic love’s for a cowardly bloke,
But is not the love for you.

“A love that is only songs and flowers,
Yet has not guts for an act,
Will waste to naught your days and hours
And never become a fact.

“To yearn and pine for a dream that seems
An impossible dream to thee,
Will give you only a lost star’s beams,
Faint ghost of reality.

“For Plato held that the really real
Was beyond our grasp to hold,
That the greater truth was a dream’s ideal
Slight formed in spirit mold.

“But he was wrong, turned his back on sense,
Cut mind in two. Abstract he did not see
Was made from everyday sense
In grasped facts of reality.

“The things you touch and see and smell
‘False shadows are,’ he said,
‘While dreams you dream are really swell,
Though made up in your head.’

“But true love’s not a shadow poor
Which you can never clasp;
It is my light that gives you more,
Sky’s breath that blows you past.

“Platonic love is a loser’s love,
With self-abuse its aim;
Can only yearn for a gleam above
And makes of love a game.”

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The Gods Are Happy

The many gods have many men to worship now,
And for their joy of this are dancing in our feet.
Our shoulders firm, our heads that do not bow,
Lift to our eyes their praising roses sweet.
Argue they in mutterings what place to rise,
Whose knees to kiss, whose loves to solemnize.
Yea, goddesses, too, love men to worship well,
Perfuming us with sweetest, luscious air,
As our inventions cast on earth their spell
Of grand brand shining newness everywhere.
All the wildflowers shake out laughingly,
For all the gods are happy as can be.
What are these gods, but men of tiny state,
Who worship us because our minds are great.

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