I Took Your Breath

I took your breath into my mouth
And all my soul went south;
Now in warm lands of circled arms
I stand and feel your charms.

I’m traveling nowhere but right here
To hear your whisper, clear,
That tells me you have all my will
To hold me hard and still.

And yet, you cannot get you free,
If ever you might try;
For your will, too, is all of me
Until the day I die!

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Hymn To Man

For all this time since human life began
With glowing rhyme come praise the mind of man.

His thought appears through all he steers,
His works are sharp and bold;
He plows the lands on which he stands,
The seas are in his hold.

The plain he takes, the mountain breaks,
His engines roar on through;
In outer space he leaves a trace
Of all he means to do!

Then give him praise for all his ways
And sing so loud and strong
Your very ears will be amazed
That pride has such a song!

Then glory, glory, glory sing!
Send hallelujahs high!
Give mind and soul your sovereign wing
And top off man with “I”!

Your thought comes through in all you do,
Ability, it grows;
When loyalty is first to you
Your independence shows.

Your honesty in loving truth,
Integrity in act,
Keeps joy upon the rail of youth,
A-gleam with dreams of fact!

There’s no detour when you are pure,
No senseless, selfless shoal,
But you’re the master on the shore
Of ego’s golden goal!

Then glory, glory, glory sing!
Send hallelujahs high!
Give mind and soul your sovereign wing
And top off man with “I”!

The human race is in first place,
The gods are going down!
The altruist is just a fist
That beats a thorny crown.

The love of man, which man began,
Is tow’ring over hate;
And reason’s good is very good,
A-shatt’ring shears of fate!

We rise and stand on every hand,
Our fearless faces shine;
We claim the flame of selfish fame
With name of one word—“Mine!”

Then glory, glory, glory sing!
Send hallelujahs high!
Give mind and soul your sovereign wing,
And top off man with “I”!

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Field Of Pansies

Soft, how soft, feel the pansies faces;
Soft on lips and on eyelids closed.
Fall’n have I after several races
Down in victory light reposed.
You come after and bump against me;
Laugh, exhausted, breathing so fast.
Tied at two, I leapt and burst by you,
Knew your loss would be my defeat.
First in triumph I kiss, through petals,
Lips not late that have won complete.
Winner, loser, you lie against me;
Crushed between, all these flowers massed.
Soft, how soft, is our field of pansies,
Soft on lips and on eyelids closed.

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Along The Shore

Slow, how slowly, through the heavy fog,
Moves the boat; as gray, as gray as fog,
Slow does float. And no, there is no sound,
No one’s around. Like some huge log
On the boat goes, a pictured breath
Drawing out of sight into the night.
Only now I see the misty, misty moon;
Only now I hear the sea, the sea, a-roar;
Only now I whistle, whistle one free tune
While I, I walk alone along the shore.

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Love’s Riches

The sun goes to nightward at your bright return;
The sky, it grows darker as your gray eyes burn;
The wind’s kicking higher and the stars twink weak
As walk you on up, now, with the wealth I seek.
With lipfulls of kisses you scatter red gold;
Your hands love’s true treasures give my hands to hold.
The vault of your body ‘gainst my body sways
And squeezes out profit in quietest ways.
The dark is all-glowing with minting of love—
Full life-dollar coined in the fusion thereof!
Rare one-of-a-kind is our glory tonight,
Worth more than the sun and its world of light!

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The Happy Singer

When O’s of silence steal on your ear
And round you turn—but naught is all you hear;
When wind is nil, and nothing nothings sigh,
And all the world is darkness where you lie;
Then ‘magine me a-struggling with my pen
To make a song of light for loving men!
My brain now builds a pyramid of song
As note on welling note I point and pile;
Becomes a tower ringing bright and strong,
Then rocketship high-glancing with a smile!
At last I fuel my wonder-work with flame—
The lightning-flower hymn of your fair name!
Let soaring song now gratify your ears,
Then see the happy singer—-who appears!

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O, Were I…

O, were I bracelet on your wrist
A-jingling by your side,
I’d ring a tune to get me kissed
By your sweet lips of pride.

A simple thing, with ding and ding,
To pay you with delight,
Then would I lie a happy thing
Against your lips all night.

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