A New Day

A new day is here, I see,
Demanding something new from me.
If I can do it, make it fine,
I’ll know today is truly mine.

So I will do my best to be
A maker of my day for me,
And with that effort, fiercely giv’n,
I’ll truly think that, “I am livin’!”

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Time Together

The greatest time of year, my dear,
Is when we are together, here.
So keep together all the year,
We’ll both together get to be
The longest great in history!
And year on year we’ll go on great,
Our love a lasting, endless date
That time cannot evaporate,
And what men call love’s mystery
Will be our true love’s history.
For when we are together, dear,
The greatest time of year is here.

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I know full well that beauty cannot last;
No flower springs but falls into decay;
But in my mind your beauty’s never past—
Life’s rose you are of my love’s lasting May.

I know that wrinkling time each face does pleat,
But naught stops your eyes’ winking, oh my sweet.
I know full well the beauty of your soul,
That all time’s time is time-less to control.

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Dear woman, dear woman, dear woman, my dear,
You so, so much at the stars do peer
If I were them I’d look back, too,
To keep the sun within my view.

To keep the sun, with hair of gold,
Within my vision, true and bold,
To keep that vision of two eyes bright
To rain my hopes with cheerful light,

To keep that light and its glad grace
The model of my pencil’s trace.
Dear, dear woman, dear woman, my dear,
The starry night you’ve wrought right here!

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Down and Up

On down, and down, and down,
The deadly demons go;
And down, and down, and down,
To their last overthrow.

The priests and all their peoples,
The churchmen and their steeples,
The nuns and all their crosses,
The Moslem gangs, their bosses,

And all of all religions,
And all who hate the mind,
Go down with all their missions,
Now unto Hell assigned.

Old Satan, he is waiting
For them that stood with God;
Their punishment debating—
Shall it be lash or rod?

They all deserve a beating
Who brought to man such woe,
And there’ll be no retreating
From their last overthrow.

For all the guilt they gave him,
For all their prayers of doom,
Great Satan now will take them
And give to faith a room—

A room that’s very tiny,
For them to squeeze within,
And feel themselves so grimy
Who think that thinking’s sin.

On down, and down, and down,
The witless demons go;
And down, and down, and down,
To their last overthrow!

Their God will bow before them,
Acknowledging their worth;
The very worms adore them—
The snakes of under earth.

They’ve hissed against man’s nature,
Against reality;
They’ve coiled and burnt the future
Of ingenuity.

They’ve taught men to love hatred
Of individual thought,
And urged men to be humble,
Yet proud that proud they’re not.

On down, and down, and down,
The loveless demons go;
And down, and down, and down,
To their last overthrow!

The socialists, the fascists, all—
All altruists that be—
All communists and viros fall,
As nature sets them free!

Free to be a thing of death,
That kills itself for spite;
Free to breath a no-air breath—
The thing for which they fight.

Their life of lifeless they have won,
Their selfless selves are hot.
The flames of Hell are like the sun,
But darkness is their lot!

On down, and down, and down,
The bits of matter go;
And down, and down, and down,
To their last overthrow!

Their souls would fly if them they had,
But none they have to save;
A little whisper, wild and mad,
Now vanished in a grave.

No angels come to raise them,
For angels are men true
Who love their minds and praise them,
And reason’s actions do!

These hero-men are starters,
Who do high chances take,
And with cold wills made harder,
Tell Luck to take a break.

On down, and down, and down,
The flakes of ashes drift;
And down, and down, and down,
All shamelessly to shift.

They’ve no responsibility,
They need not ever choose;
They’re in a world of mystery—
Non-being won’t refuse.

Then up, and up, and up,
The men of mind arise;
And up, and up, and up,
With Heaven in their eyes!

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Upon the hills of my love’s breast the lamplight falls;
On up the hills of my love’s cheeks it ‘gins to rise;
From bridge of nose to forehead up it goes,
While in between I see her sparkling diamond eyes.
A radiant crown of purest gold is her fair hair
As down she kneels before me by my chair.
She offers me two hands, two lips, one kiss,
And in my book I’ll lose my place for this.
The pages slide and flutter, the lamp goes out;
The room is dark, yet there are stars about!
I feel the shooting fingers of their fire
And all my reading is one poem—Desire!

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Turn the handle, the water flows;
Flick the switch and daylight glows;
Spin the wheel and around you steer,
And you’re the god of all that’s here!

Press the button and walk into
A rising space that climbs up true,
Above the city, free and light,
Where you can work with boundless sight.

Tap the keys and see the world
Expand beneath your gaze, unfurled;
Tap again, o’er continent,
And there one reads the thoughts you’ve sent.

Stand, and look through clearest glass
Where streams of cars beneath you pass,
And switches, handles, wheels and keys
Make gods of men with greatest ease.

On back of every button, wheel,
There’s moral rightness hard as steel—
The keen, clean will that follows through
On judgments that high dares pursue!

Then profit from them! Make a plan!
Turn your wheels and be a man!
Flick the switch of thought on HIGH
And let your happy deals fly!

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