With Open Eyes

When they say at the beginning
That the odds are all against you,
Only fools would dream of winning
And your enemies will beat you,
Hold a mirror to their faces,
Let them look real hard, and pass,
Huddling back to caves of safety,—
For the foe is in the glass.

When one comes to you with pity,
And attempts to comfort give,
And bewails the state of nature,
That injustice should so live,
Let him look into a mirror,
Let him quail and duck, and pass,
From the quitter who is blinking
At his foe within the glass.

Turn the mirror to yourself then,
Speak with pride to one man true
Who’s decided you are winning
Every second you are you:
“I don’t seek a consolation,
I have aim on highest prize,
And with fearless consecration
I take all with open eyes.”

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LeChevalier! (Concerning Robert LeChevalier’s successful fight with brain cancer)

Though much within this world displeases,
And freedom’s all but lost and gone,
The mind will beat the brain’s diseases,
And LeChevalier’s going on!

Robb’s Monica has manned the fortress,
Sees sharp with steely eyes the foe,
Who shrinks into his own self-worthless—
Ghost to God and toast to go.

Laughing science gives full measure,
Cup of joy is logic’s brew.
LeChevaliers we do treasure;
Praise we now their name anew!

LeChevalier! “Do it my way!”
Take the high way! Live for love!
LeChevalier! Chainless valley!
Mind and future tailed dove!

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Silent Bells

She enters, says no word and sees no thing,
But to her desk she goes and starts to write.
I’ll not disturb her, and so I do not sing,
And this goes on all day and into night.
I rise, get up and fill my coffee cup;
Return, sit down and read my book again,
While she keeps calmly moving her bright pen.
At last she stands, walks off as in a trance,
Absorbed within the world of her romance.
I’ll not disturb her, and so I do not sing,
Though giant silent bells in me do ring.

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If You Would Live…

If you would live with me, my dear,
Then I would live with you,
And all past yearnings disappear
Within our love so true.

The space between would be not seen,
Thick time would thinner grow,
And reach of hand would touch a hand
While kisses overflow.

If you would wake with me, my dear,
Or dream as I do dress,
I’d look upon your face of cheer
In full-wake happiness.

And then I’d bring you coffee, strong,
And chocolate donuts, too,
And when you rose I’d wing a song
Of all things bright and new.

If you would walk with me, my dear,
Then I would walk with life,
And every bird would cheep more clear
For me and my sweet wife.

The forest trees our brows would shade,
The shafts of sun seem gold,
As in and out we ripples made
A-swinging free and bold.

If you would rest on me, my love,
Then I would rest on you,
Till all un-rest would be the best
That loving ever knew!

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Aphrodite’s hands are golden—
All she touches turns to love;
Beauty’s lips she would embolden
To take what they are speaking of.

Aphrodite’s eyes are mirrors,
Seeking sacred self in one
Glowing deeper than appearance,
Showing stronger than the sun.

Aphrodite’s feet are faster,
Faster than who flees away,
Catching in a blithe disaster
All who fight alone to stay.

Aphrodite’s unforgiving,
Lets great passion never die,
Brands the faces of love’s living
With a joy that does not lie!

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Aphrodite, The Goddess

Aphrodite, the truest goddess of beauty,
Banishes those who think love’s a duty;
Bans all the pitiful, bans all the weak,
Bans the Platonic, pretending to seek.
Only sincere ones, with earthly desires,
Coaxes she closer with lip-kindling fires.
Kisses, when made, she lays not on guilt;
No lash for embraces a-hug to the hilt;
But feelings that wander and never are sure—
She frowns upon them and cannot endure.
For admiration that springs from the mind,
And eyes that see truly, nor dart to be blind,
For judgment that glorys in all that is real,
She sings out the measures of lovers’ ideal:

“You are you, I am I,
A is A, we agree;
Every star in the sky
Is our strong certainty.

I won’t pass, you won’t go,
We are steady and bright;
And the triumph we know
Is our self-loving sight.

I am I, you are you,
Half apart, yet not twain;
Every day is brand new
In our joy without pain.

All the future awaits,
All our future is here!
And the date of all dates
Is our year after year!”

Aphrodite, truest goddess of love,
Ancient, yet modern, no god is above!

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Only Me

Again the sun arises,
Another first;
I open eyes and swallow,
And quench my thirst.

I part from night, am thankful
That I can see;
There’s no one to be thankful to,
But only me.

I open lips for singing,
Another first;
The blue hears all my beauty
And quenches thirst.

We pass through day, are thankful
That we are free;
There’s no one to be thankful to,
But only we.

Again I take my pen up,
Another first;
A paper ceases blankness,
All unrehearsed.

We come to night with brightness,
Continue, one—
A shooting star that beckons
Another sun.

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